Introducing Lydia Finance

Hi Everyone! 🦁

We are super excited to introduce you to our DeFi platform Lydia Finance.

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Lydia Finance brings AMM and yield farming to Avalanche the most promising and the fastest blockchain for decentralized finance applications 🚀

As a team of professionals experienced at different blockchains and decentralized platforms, we intend to leverage Avalanche's unique features like low gas fees, quick finality and combine them with our intuitive UI and fun gamification to lower the average user's entry barrier to DeFi and offer a fair marketplace and profitable yield farming for everyone.

LYD Tokenomics

Token: LYD

Chain: Avalanche

Total supply ≈540.000.000 LYD

  • Farmers --> 61% -- 329.400.000 LYD
  • LYD Holders --> 21% -- 113.400.000 LYD
  • LYD Airdrop --> 3% -- 16.200.000 LYD
  • LYD Developer & Team --> 15% -- 81.000.000 LYD

LYD incentives

Liquidity Provider

61% of LYD emissions will be distributed to Liquidity Providers.

LYD Token Stacking

21% of LYD emissions will be distributed to LYD token holders. Users can claim these rewards and re-invest them.

Other Features

  • Easy re-invest to LYD tokens (compound)
  • Gamification
  • Smooth UI/UX.
  • Instant Annual Percentage Rate (APR/APY) calculation.
  • Instant token prices calculation.
  • Low swap fees.

Initial Liquidity Pools (LPs) for farming

AVAX Pools


LYD Pools


The Lydians

The Lydians were the civilization that lived in western Anatolia and invents money as we use it today. We aim to move forward financial revolution they started with minting the first coin out of electrum.

Also, we are shaping our brand style inspired by Lydia and some other antique civilizations that exists in the same time period with it. While this antique style allows us to design appealing and fun user interface and gamification, already started helping us to design new ideas for upcoming features.


Generous gifts from Creosus to Lydians! 🎁

Initially, we will mint & allocate %3 of the total LYD supply to our airdrop contract. And will distribute it with several airdrop campaigns we will do at different phases.

When airdrop? Soon...

When mainnet?

We are currently in testing phase and anticipating to be in production in a few weeks. We will announce exact time in blog posts we will push. Follow us to get notified.

Why we use Hive/Ecency?

We believe decentralization is the key element of the new internet as we believe in the future of finance will be built on Avalanche.

That's why we use Hive. It is the greatest decentralized social media platform and Ecency is the best user interface built on top of it.

Join Us! 💬

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