The Longest Episode of The Apprentice

Trump won't be running for president in 2024. The next question most will ask is how do you know that. Because if he does then what I told my grandson back at the start of covid that science always wins wouldn't be true. You know I thought a lot the last few days about writing this article, every single time I turn on the television I keep asking myself why am I putting this off, there really isn't any more clear evidence than we are living in the longest running episode of The Apprentice in reality tv style. I am totally convinced of it. What finally broke the straw on the camels back to finally sit down and spit it out was a comment from him someone posted on another blog. I mean I really should have done it after his appearance on Hannity the other night but the comment really cemented the decision. In the comment he said this:


Lets examine some of the things in the news that could potentially lead us to believe that Afghanistan could be distracting us with. There's the audit report of the AZ election audit that was going to be delivered to the senate in Arizona, as it stands right now that ground breaking report that was suppose to leave us all breathless has yet to materialize. There's Joe hiding out in Delaware and Kamala taking a trip to Asian countries. I guess she could be going there to pick up the latest variant to spread around, I wouldn't put it past them but until it actually materializes it's only speculation on what she's doing over there instead of here doing her job during the "Afghanistan" crisis. It could also be the announcement that booster shots will be needed a mere eight months after those who got them early on are found waning in protection against the new variant. Outside of that there's really nothing else that needs a big distraction to happen. He did call it a distraction, that means there something in the making or something happening. It could be he is talking about elected officials calling for a removal of Biden or an impeachment, most of us expected he wouldn't last out his tenure and that could draw out for weeks, maybe even months before it actually happens. In that regard there's really only about half the population whose going to be upset by the news that in the very near future we are going to wake up one morning to another unqualified president sitting in the white house. So exactly what is it that could draw the ire of millions of people that they'd need distracting from? There's really only one thing that'd need an explosive event to distract millions of people and that's the news that half the country took a vaccine that they were first led to believe would give them immunity from the virus only to find out they were lied to, they had no immunity and now they were about to be told that not only do you not have immunity the shot they took now affords them no protection against the virus thus they had to get another shot.

They've spent weeks lying to people, they went to great lengths to blame the unvaccinated, their house of cards was unraveling as people were about to learn the extent to that which they were lied to all along. Once they stopped arguing and calling the unvaccinated conspiracy theorist they're worried people will start listening to them and taking their other "conspiracies" seriously. Like why you don't vaccinate during a pandemic, what is anti body enhanced dependence, and the really big scary question is exactly what is the number of adverse vaccine reactions, how many people really are falling ill, being injured and even dying, if they lied to us about immunity and effectiveness then why wouldn't they be lying about the other conspiracy latent stuff.

As hard as it will be for millions of people to accept there is only one man, according to his own words, has the most to lose over these vaccines and it's not Dr. Fauci, it's Donald Trump. In an interview on Hannity the other night when asked by Hannity, not once but twice, what he thought about what Americans are going through over the vaccines, the loss of freedoms, the restrictions the mandates and he replied:

"As far as the vaccines I am very proud of it. I pushed the FDA like, like they've never been pushed, they don't like me and I am not so sure I like them, very bureaucratic but I got them to approve a great vaccine, three of them in a period of less than nine months. I was told by Fauci and everyone else it would take three to five years, probably five and it probably won't even happen and I got it done in less than nine months so I consider it a great achievement. I actually think if we didn't get it done the world would have another Spanish flu which killed almost a hundred million people according to history, fifty to a hundred they don't ever know, I would love very much people to take the vaccine, in the meantime wear mask if you want, but again you want your freedom, you have to have your freedoms."

That was the second time Hannity prompt him on the issues surrounding the vaccines, the first time he said the same thing, that the vaccines he considers one of his two greatest achievements. He never mentions anything about people's employer's mandating the vaccines, people losing their jobs over it, the fact the vaccine outnumbers all vaccine related deaths combined, the injury of thousands of people, if he's so concerned about people's right to their freedoms where's the freedoms in all that. The dissonance involved is striking, it reminds me of the comedian Lewis Black's skit on a nuclear holocaust...

This isn't any inability of Trump to admit a failure this has been the plan all along. I couldn't see it clearly like millions of others, I stood for hours waiting to go to his rally, spent hours another time directing people to another, it's heartbreaking but people need to wake up. I have followed Trump since he began his appearances on Bill O'Reilly, when he'd talk about how he brought back neighborhoods he didn't speak kindly of the people who had taken them over, of course most wouldn't argue with that especially if you lived in such desolate areas. When he talks about making America great again he isn't just talking economically he's talking about getting rid of a whole lot of what he considers undesirable people. Basically anyone or anything that stands in the way of that achievement.

They say sometimes things grow from a seed of doubt and that's exactly what happened with me. Shortly after covid started to spread worldwide and he was holding those nightly news conferences he stood on the stage as someone was walking back over towards the group assembled there and he said "maybe this will open up some jobs for some of our young people", I remember the moment vividly because I near fell off my couch to get the remote to rewind that part to see if I heard him correctly. I just haven't been able to shake it ever since.

There, in my opinion, was never a stolen election it was rigged. There was no way the way he was hated by liberals that what he considered one of two of his greatest achievements was ever coming to fruition by holding office. Those people would have died and went to hell and back before they ever took that vaccine. They'd never got the trust of the African American community to get vaccinated without bringing in someone of color either. The whole things been staged from the beginning. From the beginning of thirteen clowns in a clown car right up to the election of a fumbling demented fool and a woman who slept her way to the top. When you think about it it was pretty masterful, the complete captivation and categorization of the least politically aligned groups of people into politics the world would ever witness. That's the only way they could garner enough trust to get the vast majority of them to swallow the medicine, you bring in people who, by all appearances, play to their level.

There's only one person involved here that could pull off the shenanigan's so successfully with a motley crew. When he sits on national television and tells people he takes total credit for these vaccines, that people is your calling card that he was brought in for a specific purpose and he knows he's not coming back. Why? Because science always wins. Eventually he will be the one who gets fired.

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