Democrats Using COVID-19 to Steal Liberty Enforce Tyranny

“Stanley Greenwood, a local Republican businessman, said he remembers encountering Tyson, Blair, and another man in a local restaurant in the early 1980s. Even then, he said, they were plotting to get Clinton elected President.”“‘The person who put Bill Clinton in the White House is Don Tyson,’ Greenwood said.”

By Richard J. Quitliano
Editorialist & NewsHawk

Stealing Liberty

WASHINGTON, DC (@ZENINEWS) — By now many have figured out that the COVID-19 response by congressional Democrats, many governors, and the Deep State players embedded in the bureaucracy is more about seizing power than an honest attempt to protect America’s public health.

This effort has been going on for decades and the virus outbreak, purposely spread or otherwise is just a tool being used to steal what few rights we have left. Dr.’s Fauci and Birx do their part by controlling the public health narrative. Fauci, in particular, has set himself up as the “Virus Czar” pushing for mandatory vaccines and compulsory screening and surveillance. He’s used his position to mandate the lockdowns and shutdowns for a disease that’s proved no more harmful than the seasonal flu.

The CDC has ordered hospitals to use COVID-19 as cause of death on almost all death certificates, bringing the total of deaths to around 67,000 for the entire country. However, if one was to remove influenza, pneumonia, and other similar diseases a more accurate number would be in the 12,000 range — hardly worth shutting down the country and destroying a booming economy… unless there’s a bigger agenda, or agendas, at play.

Destroying the Family

In order for the globalist agenda to succeed the nuclear family must be destroyed. The family is the cornerstone upon which civilizations are built — destroy the family, destroy the civilization. This has been the goal of the Democrats and the left for over 50 years. Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” programs of the 1960s were designed to destroy the black family structure, which up until that time was one of the most cohesive social units in the country. Families have values, Christian values, that they instill in their children. Generation after generation of instilling those values is what made America the powerhouse that it is. You can see why the Democrats and left find it so threatening. In the leftist utopia envisioned by the left, the government is the inculcator of values.

The left, represented by the Democrats in America, are careful to hide their intent behind noble-sounding rhetoric using it to disguise their true intent. Hillary Clinton’s book It Takes a Village is just a polite euphemism for “It Takes a Government.” In a 1973 article for the Harvard Educational Review she reveals her disdain for the traditional family bemoaning “…an absence of fair, workable and realistic standards for limiting parental discretion and guiding state intervention.” She goes on to criticize family-driven values stating that, “…alien values, usually middle class, [that] are used to judge a family’s child-rearing practices.”

The CDF and CPS

As discussed in the article The Long Decline of American Education the educational system has been subverted into indoctrination centers. But there are also other NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and bureaucratic institutions integral to the destruction of the family. One such NGO is the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) a group of well-heeled activists, and one of the more powerful lobbying groups in America. It was the CDF that was instrumental in passing the “Mondale Act” that established Child Protective Services, in response to a non-existent “epidemic of child abuse” in the early 1970s.

Child Protective Services is perhaps the biggest threat to the American family and they’re using the outbreak to ramp up their efforts to remove children from loving homes. But their efforts began long before the outbreak, they’ve worked hand-in-hand with the CDF from the beginning… another way of saying they worked with the Clintons. After being fired from the Watergate investigation for corruption, Hillary Clinton became director of the CDF, a position she held right up until Bill assumed the presidency. Other CDF notables in the Clinton administration were:

Secretary of Health and Human Services, Donna Shalala, who replaced Mrs. Clinton as CDF chairman.
Margaret (Maggie) Williams, the First Lady’s chief of staff was CDF’s communications director.
Peter Edelman, husband of Marian, now counselor to Sec. of HHS.
CDF board member, Susan Thomases [whose terrible memory led many Whitewater investigators to wonder if she might have Alzheimer’s disease] serves informally in the White House as a top advisor.
[All historical data from The Right Choice: Homeschooling by Christopher Klicka]

These are the people behind the Safe Families Act (another piece of legislation whose name is the opposite of its intent) of 1997. The SFA pays states “bonuses” (read: bounties) on each child taken from their home and placed up for adoption. The purpose of CPS is not to protect children, but to remove them under the flimsiest of pretexts. They are now using the virus scare to remove the children of healthcare workers, something you won’t hear in the MSM.

“Two mothers have recently spoken out about how the Coronavirus pandemic has been used to take away their children against their will, and some judges are ordering the removal of children due to potential exposure to the Coronavirus with their parents. A mother in Oklahoma shared a post on Facebook on March 21, stating,”

“The police showed up on my doorstep at 10 PM and took my kids from me because I WORK IN A CLINIC.”1

CPS and foster care are responsible for over 60% of child sex-trafficking. In addition to their task of destroying families, they help keep the sex-trafficking pipeline full of children. In keeping with the state governors “turn in your neighbors” policy, CPS is doing the same. In Los Angeles, a hotbed of child trafficking, Bobby Cagle, the director of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services is quoted by Fadel as saying that because “…calls to the child protection hotline are down due to schools being closed, and teachers and school staff, who normally have an eye out for alleged abuse, aren’t seeing kids. This has led Cagle to call on the public to watch for signs of abuse and neglect and to call the Child Protection Hotline.”

“I very strongly encourage the public to remain vigilant about the safety of children in families,” he says.

“This is a time of increased stress and we know from the work that we do that this can also cause an uptick in maltreatment of children. And so we want to be very much on the watch for that.”2

This has nothing to do with keeping children safe and everything to do with destroying families… removing the threat to the totalitarian utopia the Democrats and their globalist allies like Bill Gates have planned for all of us. The outbreak is merely an excuse.

Attacking the Food Supply

As most of us are aware, agri-giants such as Monsanto are using their influence to put harmful GMOs in our vegetables — going so far as to sabotage smaller organic farms. Now, something similar is threatening our supply of meat. Reports over the last several days are suggesting that millions of animals are being euthanized, the question is why? President Trump has talked about using the Defense Production Act to keep meatpacking plants open, but this is about something bigger… the production of lab-grown meat.

The Washington Standard warns:

“Wake up and realize this had all been carefully crafted by the cabal of elitists that want everyone enslaved. The sooner humanity rises and gets off its knees, the easier it will be on all of us.”3

As we here at Zenith News have said all along, the globalists will stop at nothing to implement their nefarious agenda, including starving America. At the center of the food war, as can be expected, is Bill Gates along with some major producers of the country’s meat.

Smithfield Foods is owned by China, so their shutdown should be expected. Another massive meat producer is Tyson Foods, an Arkansas based company. Anyone that believes that Tyson doesn’t have any ideological irons in this fire needs to look again. Don Tyson, who took his father’s small poultry business international, is said by some to be “the man who put Bill Clinton in the White House.”

“Stanley Greenwood, a local Republican businessman, said he remembers encountering Tyson, Blair, and another man in a local restaurant in the early 1980s. Even then, he said, they were plotting to get Clinton elected President.”

“‘The person who put Bill Clinton in the White House is Don Tyson,’ Greenwood said.”4

Tyson, in addition to being a FOB (Friend of Bill), is a leading Democrat operative in Arkansas and elsewhere. Here’s a look at how the Tyson/Democrat corruption works.

“Tyson foods, provider of chicken and other meat products to all military commissaries since President Clinton was in office and still are to this day, and is based out of Springdale Arkansas, replaced hundreds of workers with transplanted Somalis and Pakistanis trying to escape unrest in Middle East and the horn of Africa. There are so many Muslims working at a Shelbyville Tennessee plant that they changed Labor Day celebrations to a Muslim holiday observance.”

“700 of the plant workers are Muslim, 250 of which are Somali. All are members of the union which has 1000 members. All of them are paying dues that goes directly into the coffers of the Democrats.”

“It’s kind of strange that a plant that has 1200 workers yet over half of them come from outside of the United States.”5

Still, think illegal immigration is just about votes? Tyson has been a useful asset for the Deep State for decades, by providing food, drugs, and illegal labor (dues-paying union Democrat voters).

“Anybody who has been paying attention knows that the Clintons are good friends with the board of Tyson foods and has been using them as their main contractor to provide meat products to our military commissaries. When Bush was elected to office for a short period their contract was canceled, but in less than a year Tyson products started showing up again in commissary food shelves.”

“Rumors abound of Tyson foods smuggling drugs inside of their chickens shipped out of Columbia. Tyson was indicted in 2001 for smuggling illegals into the US.”6

Now Tyson has teamed up with Bill Gates to control US meat production.

“Do you wonder why the media wants you panicked about the food supply and why farms are slaughtering and aborting animals? Bill Gates and food giant Tyson have both heavily backed lab-grown meat research.The death and destruction and economic terrorism wages on humanity have reached truly horrifying levels. These elitists want total global domination.”

“As the United States faces unprecedented meat shortages due to processing plants going offline in response to government commands because of the coronavirus, a long-standing globalist agenda to halt meat consumption is being fulfilled. Lockdowns have created a situation in which farmers have nowhere to send their product, and in turn, millions of animals are being slaughtered. Additionally, vegetables that would normally end up on store shelves are rotting in the field, according to a report by Activist Post.”7

This is being done purposely for two reasons — the first and most obvious being that hungry people are easier to manipulate. The second is that this is a way to forever force genetically modified foods upon America. When you couple the health risks from GMOs that are nutritionally deficient and the damage done to the immune system from vaccines administered since birth, you wind up with a very unhealthy population.

“Tyson foods recently warned that the food supply chain is “breaking.” The powers that should not be will allow any amount of food shorage talk to go around, especially once the mainstream media and governments begin to use it as yet another way to panic the population of the world into surrendering to slavery without so much as a whimper. Twitter has said they will help the elitists control the narrative about the food supply, just like Big Tech has helped induce fear at the commands of tyrants over the coronavirus.”8

The Democrats, their numerous NGOs (including “philanthropic” foundations like the Gates and Clinton Foundations), and bureaucratic agencies have all teamed up to destroy America — the culmination of half a century or better of work. They’ve successfully commandeered the educational system to indoctrinate generations of children turning them into the liberal activists of today. They use CPS to destroy families and keep the sex-trafficking pipeline full of children.

This is no longer about a response to a virus, nor is it the end of the viral onslaught, only the beginning.

The globalist Democrats do not represent the American people, they despise us. Obama and the Clintons are traitors who represent China, Russia, and Iran (along with the Muslim Brotherhood). Every policy initiative the Democrats have pushed since the Clinton presidency has been to increase their own power and the power of our enemies while trying to destroy our sovereignty. The same is true of Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, and the rest of their party.

Fauci, Gates, the Democrat leadership, their NGOs, and foundations, along with many corporations, are the “enemy within.” They will use this “pandemic” to strip us of what’s left of our rights. If the mail-in ballot initiative passes, it’s game over … it will give America’s enemies control of every election from here on out. That’s why it’s being pushed so hard by the MSM, Hollywood, and Democrat operatives across the board.

Another important issue is censorship and the control of the internet. Zenith News is doing a series about ICANN, the company that controls domain names. This will become a major battlefield in the exercise of free speech, as Sen. Ted Cruz has pointed out. Please follow that discussion, it will have wide-reaching implications.

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