If the vaccine doesn't protect anyone or get life back to normal... What is the POINT?

Deep Dives: What is the POINT? - by DRutter

Experts and officials are finally admitting what was just a "crazy conspiracy theory" until now - vaccinating the world will NOT end the lockdowns, restrictions, tracking, masks, or state of emergency. CNN's front page article today casually announces the new normal (like it's up to media organizations to decide the future of society). Hint: It's nothing like 2019, and almost exactly like 2020. If the future is nonstop fear and control even after we get jabbed, and recipients are suffering serious side effects, many people are now asking...

What is the POINT?

Note: Much of my content delves into decisive topics beyond the surface level, but this is my first official #deepdives contribution. (One of the moderators recently recommended that I do so - I'm honoured, thank you.) First, I'd like to present a simplified and clarified version of the CNN announcement, then continue with more discussion, including a summary of my past research on this topic.

Every day now, millions are being injected with covid19 vaccines.

They want to know if it's okay to hug their grandkids. Can they visit other vaccinated people? Should they avoid uncle Frank who hasn't always remained masked?

"People need rules for going about their everyday lives, or they make bad decisions," said an expert from Harvard.

The US Center for Disease Control will soon publish rules for the vaccinated.

Experts say the CDC must strike a tricky balance with these guidelines, which need to encourage people to get vaccinated, help the vaccinated understand that they still need to be careful, and manage the expectations of the unvaccinated.

"We don't want people to think restrictions have been lifted and the pandemic is over," an official said.

Vaccines may suppress symptoms, but are not armor. Vaccinated people can still be infectious, and experts worry ultra-contagious variants could prolong the pandemic. People still need to follow the rules.

While vaccination won't let us live like 2019 again, it does offer hope the end of total social isolation is near - we will finally be able to have brief social interactions at home with other fully vaccinated people, and visit loved ones who have been locked inside facilities for over a year.

But the rules will advise the vaccinated to continue to wear masks, and remain physically distant from others.

Vaccination is "not a free pass to travel," said Dr. Fauci. Only essential travel will be allowed, and "all the other rules still apply."


I'm one of those "crazy conspiracy theorists" who said (from the start) that this isn't about the virus, it's about control. I also said we were entering into a permanent state of emergency, where all rights will be removed under the guise of providing us safety. Recently, my crazy prediction was proved correct - lockdown in Canada is officially permanent.

"The vaccinated", and "the unvaccinated"? Yuck. I don't intend to be referred to as "the unvaccinated" for the rest of my life.

It's not even really a vaccine (see my documentary "The Pfizer vaccine is NOT a vaccine"), but it will be paired up with a digital "immunity passport" which grants the right to buy and sell in the New Normal. I think I'm going to start calling it "the mark". I'm going to be one of those who does NOT accept the mark. My family and I will proudly stand among "the unmarked".

In the article, "Uncle Frank" is the name of a hypothetical family member who socializes without a mask. Notice this unmasked person is male, which I don't believe is a coincidence. He's also not a nephew, or a son, or even a grandfather, he's an uncle - a grown adult. And he's not uncle Darnell, he's not uncle Chan, he's not uncle Mohammed, he's uncle Frank.

If you want to give CNN the benefit of the doubt, and assume they just chose that name randomly, keep in mind they have a long track record of demonizing middle-aged white men, going so far as to say that group is public enemy number one. They have repeatedly been adamant that fair-skinned men in their 40s and 50s are dangerous, especially those leaning toward the political right (conservatism and libertarianism). Beware the "conservative white uncle" at family dinners, they warned fearful viewers (back when family dinners were still legal). So, now he's got a name - Frank. And no, he's NOT welcome around the rest of the family.

We're being trolled. More than trolled, we're being gaslit. They abuse us, they denigrate us, they call us crazy, they lie to our faces, and they deny they're doing it all. The gaslighter's intention is to confuse, wear down, isolate, and make the victim more dependent on the gaslighter. For more information, see my recent writeup about gaslighting here.

This article (like so many others lately) has two audiences. One sees it as an attempt to inform and help. The other knows it to be social engineering. The writers know they're writing for these two groups. Simultaneously, they're manipulating and controlling the enthralled statist readers, while gaslighting the conscious ones, like you and I. Meanwhile, they continue efforts to divide society, which helps polarize thinking into these two groups, to be pitted against each other. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The expert from Harvard who thinks people need the state to save them from bad decisions is, ironically, dangerous. History has shown time and again what happens when the people give up freedom to rulers for safety. Sadly, the universities have been filled with this kind of ultra-statist ideology in recent decades.

"They want to know if it's okay to hug their grandkids."

What does it say about a society that waits for the TV to tell them when they can hug family members?

Are most people really that subservient, or does CNN just want us to believe so?

Recognizing the coming rules have to "strike a tricky balance" is brazen. They are blatantly admitting to managing perceptions - and saying whatever it takes to get as many people injected as possible. The rules have to entice people to take the jab, but simultaneously remind them the jab changes almost nothing!

I believe the colloquial term for that is a "hard sell".

Also in this article, we got yet another admission that the vaccines don't stop infection - something I theorized about from the start, and covered here with extensive links to multiple solid sources.

We also got another vague mention of the frightening "variants", which aren't really that frightening. The "original" strain of this particular coronavirus back in 2019 wasn't really the original. Unless it was created in a lab (something vehemently denied by the mainstream media), it has been around longer than 1.5 years. What we saw in late 2019 was already a "variant". The more recent ones, given location-names (like South Africa or Brazil), are also just slightly-different versions. Why don't they call the one found in late 2019 the Wuhan variant? (That was rhetorical.)

Viruses do this all the time - they're always changing, nonstop. Sometimes the changes make them function differently in the human body, and sometimes they don't matter. Currently, we're being told there are fast-spreading variants. So what? Why is that a problem? Are the hospitals overwhelmed? Is the population dwindling? Do people even know they're sick, without being tested? The "variants" / "mutations" story is a nothingburger, simply meant to stoke fear. People weren't as afraid as they were supposed to be, so cue the variant hype! So obvious.

I don't know about most readers, but I'm not feeling very enticed into getting the jab. In fact, not in the least. The coming rules clearly have us all wearing masks and distancing long after everybody's received one of the approved products. If it doesn't protect me from the virus, doesn't stop me from transmitting it to others, doesn't mean I can be in public without a mask, doesn't end social distancing, and doesn't allow non-essential travel, WHAT'S THE POINT?

Related research

I reported 5 months ago that state experts are threatening normal is never coming back. Even in late 2020, we were being told to get ready for the world to be turned upside down, and anyone who doesn't like it is mentally ill - suffering from normalcy bias.

9 months ago I reported on the New World Normal, and a month before that it was Fascism is the New Normal. Shortly thereafter, I uploaded Not going back to how it was, a monologue about the division of society, and how the state will never let us return to the way things were.

Before the pandemic, I did a presentation called how a small group could control society, which in just 90 seconds details almost exactly what is happening to us right now.

Please see my other extensive research and analysis of vaccines and related topics:

Tyranny Checklist:

I'm so fed up, I'm asking "Can we opt out?"


Here, I wrote about 80% herd immunity being impossible, as close to half the population plans to refuse the jab (and it doesn't confer immunity anyway). It's not about the virus. It's not even really about the jabs. It's about control. They know they can't reach the goal. The war is meant to be waged, not won.

And back at the start of all this, I wrote you have had 12 years to wake up and get your life in order, referring to the activism and education I had done, both online and off, attempting to warn people this was coming. I ended with:

"Your next choice will be to comply with the loss of your freedom, or be prepared to fight and die for the chance to be free. Think about it quickly, if you haven't already made up your mind what you're going to do, because it's about to be decision time."

We have now reached that point. It's decision time.

I have said for years that without Liberty, we have nothing. If we aren't free, nothing else matters. Not our health, not our finances, not our relationships, nothing. If we don't have freedom, all those other things can (and will) be easily taken from us. And that's exactly what the "new normal" of 2021 is all about - taking everything from us.

Will you take the mark and cower in fear of your masters and "the unvaccinated"?

Or will you stand together in dangerous freedom with all who oppose tyranny?

(This post is dedicated to my very close family member, who felt like "one of the lucky ones" to be injected today. I could not reach him in time.)


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