It's Post Time on Decentralized Media!

Oh my god!  Oh my god!  Oh my god!  I can post on the internet now!

This is amazing!  I'm going to scramble around without thinking and put my shit everywhere!

Money money money money.  Money!

Money money money money.  Money!

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And by the time you realize you're hooked...

It's too late.

Good evening or good afternoon or whatever and welcome to the words you are now reading.  My name doesn't matter, and I will be your host.

Decentralized media.

I will no longer be calling these Hive social platforms or anything even closely related to them, social media.

Social Media is Twitter and Twitter is a glorified paperboy.  Decentralized Media is what you're looking at right now; the digital paper written by me and I'm the boss, of myself.

You do not see the centralized media corporations post their product on Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else but their own platform.  Bow down to these geniuses for tricking you all into becoming the paperboy.  Eager to work for free as a distributor which at one point was an incredibly lucrative gig.  What used to cost them millions of dollars to achieve now costs them nothing because their employees accept 'likes' and good job buttons.

Give yourselves a round of applause, humans.

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On Hive, I own my account.  You cannot take it away from me unless you kill me and steal my keys.  I will not go down without a fight; the best offense is a good defense.

The market I've created in the list form of a following, cannot be taken from me.  Individuals will come and go but the meat and potatoes is here to stay, forever.  I cannot be cancelled.  An account on Hive is etched in stone.  It's up to me to decide what to do with that much power.  If one platform on Hive dies and gets replaced by another platform on Hive, transitioning over is just as seamless as if it never happened.  Proof of these claims exists here, and now, as you read this; this is only here because that already happened, and I'm fine.

Hive power?  The history of humanity dictates the people will take it for granted.  No amount of elites and their billions can compete with humanity's ability to fuck itself, and they know that, which is why you never see them in action.  What you don't see behind a closed door is you walking up to it.

I think it's time to face the facts and come to the realization us humans have invented something new here on the internet, and there's no need to be like anything else.

This decentralized media approach does share traits from, the things that came before.  I suppose some would call that evolution.

Attempting to mimic previous successes, well in theory sounds practical, would technically be us humans stagnating or even going backwards.  I'm not comfortable with Social Media being father and what we're attempting to achieve here being Social Media Junior.

Dad was a drunk!

And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Money doesn't grow on trees.  But if you plant your seeds instead of eating them, maybe you can sell some apples someday.

Do you remember what it was like when there were only a handful of popular platforms content creators and content consumers frequented?

I do.  Everyone congregating in one space is what helped contribute to the growing popularity and eventual wild success of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google/Youtube.

But since we don't want to be like them we probably shouldn't do as they do, right?

The words you are reading now were written by a human.  One of the first humans to ever combine creating content and earning cryptocurrency, consistently, and for nearly five years.  The only place you will ever see these words, is here.  And if you, as the consumer of this digital paper, would like to be the paperboy by sharing any and all sorts of content you find on this platform to social media, as you would anywhere else, you will be paid by default, no questions asked, provided you've decided to stake a few tokens and become part owner of this platform, then hitting the 'vote' button.  I am one individual human content creator and I've already given you a better deal than every centralized media outlet and their social media distribution tools combined and including the entire history of their existence.  Some people have made hundreds if not thousands supporting my content over the years, and I've made more than them, thanks to Hive's current business model.

Not only did I contribute over the years but I've watched the entire decentralized media industry unfold before my very eyes.

When there was one, many people would come.  Two, took people away.  Three, was when I noticed things go astray.  Four opened the door and let all the bugs in.

Every week it seems a new platform springs up out of nowhere offering more, of the same.

Create product; earn money.  No mention of human consumption.

So this new generation of content creators decided it would be stupid to play for an audience when you can just play for cryptocurrency.

The other day Hive paid a guy and his 'robot consumers' nearly $100 to post what one could describe as what can be found in the description area under a Youtube video.  We didn't get a video, we got the short description and four links leading to four platforms all hosting the same content along with several different options for us to choose from when it comes to giving him even more money, in the form of "donations."

He does it nearly every day, following the exact same template, has a large market outside; hardly a peep nor a view here, day after day.

As I'm writing this I discovered another account posting a video thumbnail, a link to the video found elsewhere, and about seven links nobody clicks because they're not looking, directing traffic to other platforms.

Is Hive the paper or the paperboy?

How much would you be willing to pay me for this link right here?

Would I be able to sell this link for $100?

Some stakeholders/voters here are literally paying people to push imaginary consumers out the door, to the tune of hundreds of dollars per day.  One of them even pretends to be a professional investor up on the trending page, daily, and will tell you directly content does not have any value whatsoever, at the very same moment his own content is generating value.


But that's the new norm.

We're getting ripped off.

Like so many others on the many other platforms they use all at once for no apparent reason other than milking rewards, those two have fractured their entire markets into several teensy tiny little bits.  And there will be a million different stores with different names, that all sell the same thing...


Therefore there's no incentive for any consumer to visit any one in particular.  On Hive though, consumers can earn.  And it's no secret in business when you provide consumers with more perks, you attract more paying consumers, which leads to more potential profit, for everyone.

But how do you explain that to people when the only business model they could come up with is akin to being a stripper working the pole?

Hint:  You can't.  I've tried.

When those platforms go under due to the over abundance of content and serious lack of paying consumers, those markets in list form known as a following will be erased as those content creators contribute to deplatforming themselves again and again and again.

And you'd think for some, after being deplatformed by centralized media, they'd leave that situation with a least some wisdom.

Nope.  Offer them a solution and they just walk all over it not even realizing they're taking steps.

As a consumer, why would I go visit several different locations just to see the same video I can watch on Youtube or one of these other fly-by-night crypto content wannabe Hive clones?  Do they seriously expect me to pay them on each site somehow?  So instead of 100k views on Youtube they settle with ten here, ten there, some somewhere and none everywhere else, like here, when they post links to their content hosted elsewhere, don't even get ten views on PeakD, comment section is a barren wasteland, and we're paying them hundreds per week because their market on the outside is supposed to somehow be valuable to Hive on the inside?

And who in their right mind is going to spend fifty bucks per day supporting the several different tabloid journalist copycat artists offering several variances of the latest thing they want to say about Bill Gates and his evil plan?

Of course they'll take our money from here, and drive our property value down in the process, much like they do for every other platform they spam upon.  Would you say no?

In retail, it makes sense to try and place your product in as many stores as possible in order to give the consumer easy access.  That way the product is accessible to more people and that leads to more potential sales, in the physical world where people and products are spaced apart.

Jeff Bezos decided one day he wanted to be a billionaire so conveniently placed every single Walmart across the land into one website.  The only reason he became a billionaire is because his product catered to consumers, not producers.  Everything consumers needed could be found in one place and there was no reason to ever leave.

He realized once you corral all consumers into one profitable pool, you make a metric shit-ton of money.  But one doesn't need to be an evil genius future billionaire to be able to figure that out.  The concept of placing several consumers in front of one instance of product dates back well beyond the crumbling Roman Colosseum.

It's common sense.

Facebook knew that.  Twitter knew that.  Youtube knows it.  Many of the decentralized media content creators don't know, don't care, money now, fuck later; and they, will be the ones ready and willing to destroy decentralized media.  All these other centralized media corporations are watching, laughing; getting ready to pounce.

People ask me:

Wen NFT?

Well let's look at the situation these past five years and assume things will be more of the same.

It seems like every week there's a new NFT platform springing up.  Why?  Because there's money to be made in NFT platforms.  How?  By allowing all these people to scramble to your site thinking they're going to get rich, then collecting a percentage and cashing out.

Soon there will be more NFT platforms than we have artists, entertainers, and whatever else in this world.  And these content creators will scramble to each and every one, positioning several instances of the same content that can be found everywhere else.  NFT platform makes money, so what the hell do you need consumers for?  And why should consumers go to the new one when it's going to be the same as the last one?

Spend all that money minting NFT's only to discover there are more stores than there are customers.  Then go bankrupt.  No thanks.

On Hive I've been building a business for nearly five years.  My account is permanent.  The foundation is strong.  It has already proven itself.  My market is here, locked in, steadily growing.  Consumers are here, treated like gold because they are gold and even get paid for being shiny.  So why should I force them to purchase a million different tokens and scour a million different platforms when I can simply use that shop around the corner on Hive known as NFT Showroom, and tell them about my products right here on my platform.

This place has it all and if it doesn't, it's coming.

And to be fair. I'm kind of happy those desperate content creators who just want to milk every system they find for every penny they can scrape off the floor are busy destroying the competition and devaluing their product.

The upcoming hardfork changes place more perks in the hands of the actual human consumer, and hope to really throw a wrench in the works when it comes to the accounts that simply don't care about anything but themselves.

Life couldn't be any easier.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"Welcome to my world.  Enjoy your stay."

Images © 2021 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.

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