What Is Decenternet? A Hyper-Speed P2P Decentralized Internet

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What Is Decenternet?

Decenternet is the most powerful complete hyper-speed P2P decentralized internet infrastructure solution that blockchain technology can create. It doesn’t belong or report to any third-party organization except for its users. Its innovative browser technology allows you to experience a much faster, more secure, and more private decentralized internet along with the traditional websites you are used to. Data on the Decenternet can be searched and retrieved by the Decenternet Liberty search engine. Liberty does not have an intermediary company to report profits to. You can imagine the information on the Liberty search engine will eventually be more powerful because it is not suppressed by a third party. All of this will be experienced by simply installing the Decenternet wallet and browser application on your computer.

Why Is Net Neutrality Important?

Net neutrality is the premise that Internet Providers will treat all data and information equally regardless of content, website, application or method of communication.

Today we can argue that we are losing net neutrality. Content creators are being thrown off platforms like Youtube and Twitter because their content is not "correct".


Decenternet(Dnet) is a P2P independent internet platform which is unbound by politics and oppression. They will have self sustaining network and refusal to sell out to the highest corporate bidder, and no more cyber stalking by Big Brother.

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The Anuvys Operating System is the first blockchain OS fully replacing all existing operating systems for desktop and mobile devices. It provides the ultimate privacy and protection that non-blockchain OS couldn’t offer.

Decenternet blockchain can process up to 10,000,000 minimum transactions per second becoming the most planetary grade scalable solution for decentralization of the internet.

Once the Decenernet is out, the hyperspeed performance and total decentralization of our society are inevitable. The materialization of technological ascension through the mass adoption of Decenternet and decentralized finance ideas will bring a golden age and exceptional stability and prosperity to our civilization.


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Spyce Cryptocurrency Utility


  • Increase the speed of network data transmission dramatically by mining spyce. The proprietary PoR (Proof of Realiability)protocol assures network speed maintenance. Realize the centralized internet will become a relic of the past sooner than you imagine now.

  • Spyce is used for all d-net related services, trade, commerce and microtransaction on d-net and on the open source d-net native Anubys Operating system and Osiris web/d-web browser.

  • Faster retrieval of data and practical consumption by the consumer than the traditional centralized internet.

  • Unbreachable security and power for the individual.

  • Unleash unlimited potential and marketability for all content creators.

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