My Dcity Journey - Progress since my beginning

Hello Community!

I've started playing ( @d-city ) in December 2020 with a small investment of about 300 Hive (307 to be precise) in my gaming account @mrix2 .
I really do enjoy the game, as it does not consume a lot of time and it also needs some kind of business thinking (calculating which building cards give you the most back based on its price etc.). There are also tons of other aspects in the game, where one can create his own strategy (technology cards and so on). Also, 3rd edition cards have been announced recently, which will further increase the depth of the game.

Back to my journey:
I've been constantly reinvesting my earned profits back into the game since my initial investment of around 300 Hive.
Back in December I've earned around 350 SIM per day.
At this time, taxes were really low - with a range between 10% and 20%.


As of today, I'm earning about 720 SIM gross per day. Which is an enormous increase, however due to constantly high taxes of 70%+, my net earnings are around 250 SIM per day. Nonetheless, one can see that I was still able to grow over time, despite the high taxes.

If you are not yet playing Dcity, you should definitely check it out!
What are your strategies in Dcity? Do you focus on a sim based income or are you going for the earnings due to the population based ranking income?