dCity now has $100k liquidity pool on tribaldex for the SIM:HIVE pair

The pool has been growing slowly in the last month and thank to the increase of the HIVE price it is now at almost 100k.

THis of course can change fast :)

The SIM pooled still counts towards holdings rewards, governance voting etc., and plus you get extra rewards for a liquidity provider. It is almost a no brainer for a long term SIM hodler. The one thing is that you need to put your HIVE in as well.

There is a 60k HIVE in the pool and 53M SIM, that is around 20% of the SIM supply.



Having a 100k in USD in a liquidity pool would have been a dream for many of the Hive apps a year ago. I remember when LEO and DEC started creating pools on Uniswap, the 100k was the ultimate goal.

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