dCity - My experimental foray, part 2.

This is a second commentary as my newcomer's skeptical look into dCity. Part 1 is here.

Discord didn’t offer much (any) help. Maybe they did, but my plea was quickly lost in the din of constant conversation. Those Discord/Telegram things are great for actively carrying on a conversation, but terrible for sustaining one over time.

I saw post by @cryptixmlonwax on D.Buzz saying it was his second day. He was asking for tips from pros. The image of his city had lots, lots more round thingees around it.

Mine had the one yellow house. That was all.

Obviously, he was doing something right. I asked him for tips. He suggested starting from “Simple House” and “Job Center.” But, his immediate statement prefaced with “depends on the amount you’re ready to invest”. Considering that my willingness to invest is zero, this may be a problem going forward. Not to mention the investment of time.

Thanks to the generosity of forky, I have 800 SIM. So, I guess my willingness is now set at 800 SIM. Plus time.

The rest of the suggestion was a mind-blurring litany about markets and current market value for things to buy, I mean, invest in. I had flashbacks to “easy” card games that always begin with fifteen minutes of instructions and always end with, “We’ll just start playing and you’ll pick it up as we go.” Then I lose.

The next step, as suggested by @forky, is to read some of the docs. I’ll do that and go from there.

Off to the “info” page of dcity.io.

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