👍 Positively 🤩 impressed with STORJ (St💿rage Node)

I have been running a demo node for some weeks now and will continue the experience until I see fit scaling up.

My Storage Node Stats ✔️


Every month the stats almost double for me, but it might or not be the same for most users (as I suspect, being in New Zealand, makes things harder for my node). If you are in Europe or US and you get enough time online (I have been online like for two/three months already), I am guessing you will get way more than this.

It takes time, so be patient

I see a lot of people thinking they will turn up their node and see their pipe filled in instantaneously. That's not how things work. You need to sort of build a reputation in some sort of similar effect you have a reputation here on Steem.

Other stats might be different or similar to me, but in my case I noticed that in the beginning of 2020, there was a big increase of "Ingress" (almost double) of what I had in comparison with the December of 2019.

128 GB is nothing compared with other traffic I have, like youtube or Netflix. Therefore, I am waiting a few more months until setting up something that could represent a better resource for the network.

Another stat that I would love to see in these nodes (and that I need to propose at https://ideas.storj.io/) is the averages per request (transfers) and how long does it take to service things. Basically to help me understand if I providing a good service or I am just dragging the network with my node.

My "Egress" (what my node uploads to the internet) has also increased considerably in average and quite a lot lately. But still way under of what I was expecting and for the capacity I have.

All of this depends (especially the egress) from several factors around my node and it's displacement/score inside the storj network, like for example how much data is being downloaded or uploaded at a specific location (that can be closer or not to my node).

What I want to see is my node capacity filled up and then understand what kind of behaviour the node will have with the uploads. I might be unlucky and get only "backups" (which normally are not read very often) or in case of data belonging to a database for example, which would be read several times and incur better profits for me (more upload traffic).

How much I am getting 🤑 paid?

For now it's still very little for several reasons. If you want to understand more about the payment structure, let me know any specific questions or have a read at https://storj.io/storage-node-estimator.

I like what they are doing in regards to keeping some of the rewards locked until your node uptime settles a good score. This avoids possible instability on the network which would be bad for everyone.

From what I saw so far you get the payment at the beginning of each month and each satellite has its own "pay slip", sending one individual transfer per month. So, in this case because there are 4 satellites, you get 4 transactions at the begging of each month. Not exactly at day 1 (at least not for me), but allow a couple of days and if you address is correct, it should get in.

Selling your tokens?

I have absolutely no recommendation to what you should do with the tokens you get. But looking at the price history, it looks like HOLDING season. You decide.

Sharing your 🏡 home internet?

If you want to use your ISP remaining traffic to play a bit with it, be sure if that's ok with your ISP first and then make sure you have a router that can either divide traffic into VLANs for guranteed service, or one that can do some sort of QoS or bandwith prioritization. Otherwise you might experience some hicups now and then due the bursts of traffic transfered to/from the node.

This might happen even if you have a very fast internet (let's say, 1Gbps or more). Less often I would agree, but if you end up staying enought time in the network and share a node that has some interesting capacity (> 10TB of space), then eventually you might reach the problem.

So far I did not yet found (or cared to find/search) an easy way to control the bandwith behaviour or specific network utilization limits of the node. But reach up in the Forum or in the documentation to find more. I have not yet looked for it, but if this goes on the right direction I might explore the Linux version more in depth.

Let's see how things progress... ⏳

So far, all great. If you have questions, checkout the Forum or the Blog section. Both have been quite useful to me. If you are looking for documentation on how to set up a node, then check the documentation page.

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