A Step Forward

@chris-uk! We definitely appreciate the review and your own personal skills in showcasing how to easily use #hivetips! We will be spreading this video around a bit as it is from an actual user of Hive that sees the benefits of tipping itself. To quote him:

"This is the future of curating content not just on Hive, but on other platforms"

Well said Chris. We also see the 'trend' of tipping across the internet and only feel it will continue to rise as people find new ways to monetize their content. What better way to do initiate that than by tipping them?

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HiveTips A massive step forward for instant tipping on the web

HiveTips the future of tipping is upon us.See content you enjoy and want to reward them instantly with HIVE look no further... with HiveTips you are in contr...

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