Dapplr Tokens, Referrals and How Can You Earn It?

Hello, We are very excited to present the referrals to the hive community. As we all know, we don’t have SMTs (Smart Media Tokens) as of now, so we don’t really have a way to officially manage Dapplr tokens over the blockchain. Then how are we managing Dapplr Tokens?

  1. Dapplr tokens will be managed by our private servers until SMTs are launched.
  2. On SMTs launch, we will launch our token and all of the tokens earned by the users will be airdropped.

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How would a user earn Dapplr Tokens using its content?

We want to give early opportunity to the Hive community to earn as much Dapplr tokens as they can using their content. All you need to do is use Dapplr application to create posts and Dapplr tokens will be credited on respective post’s payout day.

How many tokens will be credited? As of now, there is no way to quantify tokens so we will credit the same number of tokens as HIVE tokens earned by the post.

Dapplr Tokens to the curators? A curator won’t be able to earn Dapplr tokens until it is launched and we have the stake based system in place to keep everything in check. So, for now only authors would be able to earn the Dapplr tokens through their content.

Summary -

  1. An author will not only able to earn HIVE tokens but also Dapplr tokens.

  2. The amount of Dapplr tokens earned will be exactly same as the HIVE tokens earned from a post. We want to give you the opportunity to collect as many Dapplr tokens as possible through your content.

  3. Until Dapplr token is launched, Only Authors will be able to earn Dapplr tokens through their content and Curators will not be able to receive the Tokens as there isn’t any STAKE system.

  4. All of the tokens will be airdropped on Dapplr Token launch and until then our servers will keep track of the numbers.

  5. A post will be eligible for Dapplr tokens if posted using Dapplr platform (Android, IOS, Web).

  6. We want to provide the best, so things can change over time based on the user activity. This will help us provide the community a seamless experience and help in mass adoption.


How would a user earn Dapplr Tokens by referring other people?

Anyone can be a referrer and can invite as many people as he/she wants. The earning of the referrer will be based on the activity of the referred person on the blockchain. The more referred person earns the more earning a referrer would have.

  1. You will earn 3% of the author rewards of the referral. e.g If your referral earns 100 Dapplr Tokens, you will receive 3% of 100 Dapplr tokens.

  2. The author won’t be paying from its rewards, the 3% token will be credited from our Referral Pool.

  3. The tokens will be airdropped on Dapplr Token launch.

Why not integrate HiveOnBoard referral system?

People behind Hiveonboard are doing an amazing job and improving the whole ecosystem for the community. One of the biggest reason we don’t want to integrate the hivesigner referral system is because we don’t want the referred person to pay the referrer out of its own pocket. The idea of a referral system is basically to give profits to both the parties (Referrer and Referred person). In order to achieve this, we will have a separate pool of Dapplr tokens which will be sent to the users based on their activity and how much active those referred person is.

Test Our Alpha Launch and Help us find the Bugs

We have started taking people's username and emails for the Alpha access. All you need to do is join us on Discord and fill up the Google form - https://forms.gle/G5435wUUa29CoSA26 . We will be giving Android Alpha access to the first 100 people. The application is not battle tested yet so we need you help in finding the bugs and we will resolve them on daily basis. We are trying to Alpha launch the application by this weekend.

Stay Tuned For the Updates.

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