First Impression On Dapplr

I've been on social media for as long as I can remember, having some sort of an off-and-on relationship with it. Dabbing into decentralized Social Media felt like starting all over again. Like in the early days of the internet.

I don't know what to expect, but what I found so far is pretty interesting.

The app is not the fastest

On conventional social media, or basically any app building principle, a lag during app load is often unforgivable. For every additional second when a user had to wait the content to load, the bigger the probability of that user ditch that particular platform.

On this day and age, people's attention are limited.

With that being said, I'd say app like dapplr won't survive far in the realm of conventional social media.

It's not horribly slow, but still slower when compared to the fluid user experience on Twitter, for example. I experienced a hiccup earlier when signing in for the first time, having had to wait the final loading time for like, 5 minutes.

Once inside, I experienced more lags such as when saving this article as a draft, or when updating my profile. Often a notification pops up at the bottom of my screen telling me I have no network connection.

That "updating" takes a loong time.

Fortunately I am here for experimenting so I am patient. I'm sure many others are like me here. Many people described web 3.0 experience is like the early days of the internet. If it means everything is slow, then I inherently agree. 😂

Beautiful UI design

I gotta say that despite the waiting time when doing things, the UI of dapplr is nice to look at. You can pick color scheme and I decided to stick with the default purple as it's already beautiful enough. Shout outs to the developer and the designers!

Another charming "early internet" experience

I'm noticing that the editor uses some sort of HTML editor. (I.e. triple hastags for H3). I found it charming, really like the old days of the internet.

Confirming transaction for every little thing

The first thing I do after signing up to this platform is editing my profile page. When I clicked "save," a window like this popped up.

Posting something is a blockchain transaction. Today also the first time I set a hive wallet and it's interesting that there are different private keys with different purpose (posting key, memo key, etc.)

Mainstream social media still wins in term of personalized content curation

It seems like obvious. The feed consists of Trending and Hot and no personalized content like on Twitter or Facebook.

Excited to find out more!

Overall, so far my experience have been positive and it makes me curious to dig more. So many to discover! I'm curious how things works around here.

Onto the Web 3.0!

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