Happy New Year! The New Year's Rez Cleanse and Fast: Day 1

Happy New Year Stemians! We survived having to watch that CIA cut-out, Anderson Cooper, host the Ball-drop in Time's Square last night, and so now we can add that fiasco to our 1st day of cleansing!

This is the 3rd post on the New Year's Health Quest challenge for 2018. If you want to catch up on the details, here are the links for the other 2 posts that set the stage for today, Day 1 of the cleanse.



Each day, I will include an educational video in these Health Quest 2018 posts. Today, I've selected a great short video by Millie Weaver of Infowars warning us of the fakery going on in the Organics regulations and how we must be vigilant in requiring our stores and farmer's markets to carry products that are grown locally by trusted organic farmers or else have the highest standards of organic certification, such as Oregon Tilth Certification. Otherwise, we may be eating veggies grown in the USA, Mexico, India or China that have enormous amounts of heavy metals and pesticides that sneak through the back door through shady trade laws or fraudulent marketing and get stamped with a "organically grown" certification that is bogus.

In Svaroopa yoga, we say, "Let it be easy." The process of cleansing and renewal does not have to be painful or extreme, even though we ARE embarking on a hero's journey with a three week cleanse, fast and liver flush! This process does require skillful means, fortitude and staying power. However, those qualities sometimes get confused with austerity, suffering and extreme sacrifice. Our process here will employ the path of least resistance approach, like water flowing downstream. That way, the obstacles we can encounter will be easily surmounted.


Today we slide in easy with starting out January 1st with a commitment to revivify our digestive system by laying off hard to digest foods as of the time of you read this post. Put down the fork and get out your blender! Tonight, we will be having a healthy smoothie and a quart of purifying veggie juice! This post will cover the smoothie and later I will post of the juice.


2 cups fresh organic spinach

1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or other vegan milk)

2 cups filtered water

1 cup organic frozen blueberries

1/2 an avocado

dash of sea salt, tumeric and pepper

half a banana (optional)

If you have a fiber supplement on hand, go ahead and add it. I like a product called Super Colon Cleanse by Health Plus. https://www.healthplus.com. Don't go crazy on this, just a teaspoon is plenty! Remember our motto: Let it be easy!

If you have other superfoods you enjoy, such as chlorella, spirulina, maca, etc., feel free to add them and super charge your nutrition even more!

Blend on high for 60 seconds and you will have a creamy delicious nutritional powerhouse, full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids and electrolytes!

And that's your "meal" for today. No snacking. Drink a few quarts of purified water. Add organic lemon or apple cider vinegar to one of the quarts if you have either on hand.

Photo on 1-1-18 at 3.22 PM.jpg

Another addition I recommend for your cleanse is iodine. Iodine will cleanse your endocrine system and really help get the bad halogens, like fluoride, out of your thyroid, pineal and pituitary glands. This health quest we are on is all about boosting our connection to Source/God and clearing out the channels we were given in our amazing human bodies to maintain our direct communication with the Infinite. So, cleaning out the endocrine system is key. My favorite form of iodine is from deep-earth crystals and Infowars makes an excellent product called Survival Shield. You can purchase it at this link: https://www.infowarsstore.com.

However, if want to shop at your local health food store and support your neighbors, I recommend Atomidine, a product formulated by Edgar Cayce. It looks like this:


And there we have it, Stemians. Step 1 on Day 1. Please view the links above to prepare for Step 2, which I will post in a few hours to outline tonight's juicing assignment and a short lesson on establishing a simple meditation practice.

As the deep state is being dismantled by the Trump Administration and all of us with our reporting, energy, activism and intentions, we can embrace this moment to become even more effective as conduits of change at this pivotal time. I believe we are on the brink of ththe hundredth monkey moment of graduation to the next level of human consciousness. And that is why I am promoting health activism as we enter 2018. Each one of us matters. Each one of us affects the whole. So, lets enliven and strengthen our chi/prana and up our game to the next level so that we can each bring our best to being the change we want to see in this world, during this incredible turning point in human history.

Catch you a little later on, Stemians. Have a look at the preceding two posts if you wan to catch up on the Health Quest 2018 or just jump in here, if that works better for you. Like I said, "let it be easy". Happy New Year!

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