Daily Food Photography: Misua and Sardines (Misua Tinapa)

A good afternoon, Steemians!

Today, I'm sharing one of the dishes that would remind me of my childhood: Misua Tinapa (Misua in Sardines).

Misua is a kind of noodle... a thin noodle, that is. It is also salted and very easy to cook. Misua can be paired with any kind of meat and to some, vegetables. However, when I was small, my parents cannot always afford pork or chicken meat. Thus, my mother will cook it with sardines instead. Because of it, I grew up thinking that the noodle is always for the sardines until I saw my grandmother cooked chicken with it. Hahaha!

Well, despite the new discovery, I still love Misua Tinapa. It's always... and forever. ;)


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