Leo and I photoshooting in Vierumäki :: Daily and Fresh 📷 (46/366)

Hi again!

We are still alive and well. Hopefully the virus doesn't get us any day soon.

(Oh, and exciting news about the sister chain Hive. Sounds good! Announcement coming soon!)

Leo and I went for a quick photowalk again. We visited Vierumäki, since there are nice sceneries there.

I wonder if Leo is going to post his photos some time. But even if not, he is still learning from taking photos.

I took one photo with my 75-300 mm lens, but the rest of them were shot with the 10-18mm ultrawide lens.

I taught a nice trick to Leo, to use a slower shutter speed, and pressing the shutter button while zooming in or out at the same time.

Zoom-in (by walking)



Zoom-in and twist

It was really fun. And I think Leo was having a lot of fun trying out this technique too. With this technique it doesn't really matter if the lens is not that good, as it is not possible to have very sharp photos anyway. You can just say it's art. 😎

Lastly we tried making a photo of smoothly flowing water. However we didn't have a tripod with us so we had to try it freehand.

I'll definitely take this same photo some day with the tripod, a better lens, and a slooow shutter.

Here's Leo taking a photo of the icy lake Valkjärvi.

I'll get back Tomorrow with something new.

See you soon!

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