The Daily Adventures of a SteemPeak Developer #6 - Allow music in posts

In this post I'm going to highlight a small feature that will be included in the next SteemPeak release (hopefully it will be ready shortly). But first of all thanks to the people who asked to add this features a while back, thanks to @justineh for mentioning it again some days ago and to @r00sj3 for doing some tests.

Allow content creators to add music on their posts


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So the basic requirement is pretty easy: 'Allow people to embed music in a post so the reader can decide to play it while reading'.

There are some external services to embed music on a web page, but the easiest solution in my opinion is to allow the content creators to use the HTML5 <audio> tag in the post body. Of course the author is in charge of providing the link to the song/music file that cannot be hosted on SteemPeak itself.

Starting with the next release the music can be embedded using this syntax:

<audio src="https://.../my_music.mp3" loop="true"></audio>

Unfortunately if you add this text on the current version of SteemPeak or on Steemit the tag will be stripped from the rendered post because the <audio> tag is not whitelisted. Both SteemPeak and Steemit perform some cleaning of the generated HTML for a post using the configuration provided in this file:
Note: I have done some changes on SteemPeak over time but the code is for the most part the same.

What I've done was just add the audio tag to the allowedTags list and the relevant attributes to the allowedAttributes object:

export const allowedTags = `
    div, iframe, del,
    a, p, b, q, u, s, br, ul, li, ol, img, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hr,
    blockquote, pre, code, em, i, strong, center, table, thead, tbody, tr, th, td,
    strike, sup, sub, audio`.trim().split(/,\s*/);


allowedAttributes: {
    audio: ['src', 'controls', 'loop'],

This is the minimum set of changes needed to display the tag. I also forced the tag to be rendered without 'autoplay' (I think it's up to the reader to manually play the music) and force the 'control' attribute so the reader can view the controls in the post.

This is the last piece of code added:

transformTags: {
   audio: (tagName, attribs) => {
      if (!attribs.hasOwnProperty('controls')) attribs.controls = '';
      if (attribs.hasOwnProperty('autoplay')) delete attribs.autoplay;

      attribs.preload = 'none';

      return {
        tagName: tagName,
        attribs: attribs

Probably the same change can be applied to Condenser too because the code used to render the posts is really similar (@roadscape, @justinw).

The final result is shown in the following image:


As always feedback and suggestion are much appreciated, both in the comments or on our Discord ;)


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