The Daily Adventures of a SteemPeak Developer #10 - A preview of the new SPS page

I planned to share this post a while back but I delayed it a few times to work on more pressing things. But now it's probably time to share with you some more details on the new SPS we are working on for the next SteemPeak release.

The new SPS page (still work in progress)


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As you probably already know the next hardfork (HF21) is planned later this month. One of the main features is the introduction of the Steem Proposals System that will be used to drive the development of new features and improvements. Of course to be able to use this system the frontends need to provide a page for the final users to actually see and upvote the proposals.

This is a preview of the page that will be available on SteemPeak.


The page itself is quite simple and can be accessed with the Tools menu and the 'Proposal' link in the left sidebar. A direct link will also be available for users not logged in.

The proposals can be sorted using 4 different criteria in both ascending/descending order:


All the main details readily available in the API are displayed in the panel, and I plan to add a bit more information to make it easier for the user to 'read' those proposals. Also I'll need to work on the VOTE button that is currently disabled because I've not yet found the time to write the code to actually cast the vote.

Considering that this page is still work in progress all the feedback will be greatly appreciated so we can make it better before the final release. And if you want to give it a try let me know and I'll share the link to check it out by yourselves ;)

And if the page is not easy to understand this is a brief explanation of the main parts:


As always feedback and suggestion are much appreciated, both in the comments or on our Discord ;)


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