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Ugly Duckling?

He grew up in an adopted family, with these two Arnold boys, Jim and I want to say Mickey, or was that the name of his father? He was born in Los Angeles, on a Tuesday, like Katie, his firstborn, on the 26th of September of 1950, and he was adopted around 1952 into a Mormon family in Goldhill, OR. Don is the father of Joey (me). Don was born Donald Melvin Rasp to mother Mary Margaret Hocking and father Peter Marinus Rasp.

1950s: Don, Jim, and a third boy.

1950s Don and Jim Arnold and third boy.jpg
1950s Don and Jim and third boy-2.png

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1950 apx Peter Marinus Rasp Headshot.png


Donald Melvin Arnold (Rasp) | @DonRasp | Joey's father

Peter Marinus Rasp

Don's father | Joey's paternal grandpa | Peter was born on Saturday, the 14th of April of 1906 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Peter died on Friday, the 14th of August, 1953, in California. Peter moved to Canada with his family around 1912 and then to America around 1920. Peter an his family were going to board Titanic, but his father, Peter Sr., was off drinking beer or something. They had to go find him. This means, alcohol can save your life sometimes.

1950 apx Peter Marinus Rasp-1.png
1950 apx Peter Marinus Rasp INFO-2.jpg
1950 maybe of Peter Rasp and other people maybe.jpg
1950 apx Peter Marinus Rasp Solo.png

Mary Margaret Hocking

Don's mother | Joey's paternal grandma | Mary Margaret Hocking: the mother of Donald Melvin Rasp, my dad: she married Peter Rasp and then Walt Atkins.

Mary Hockings Rasp Atkins Mother of Don Rasp.png
Mary Hockings Rasp Atkins Mother of Don Rasp BACK NUMBERS maybe DATE.png

1950s apx Chickens.jpg
1950s apx house of or near Don Arnold-1.jpg
1950s apx house of or near Don Arnold-2.jpg

1960's apx

Christmas tree | presents | police

1960s maybe Christmas Tree and presents new or copy.png
1960s maybe cop cars-1.png
1960s maybe cop cars-2.png
1960s or 70s Christmas Tree and Dresser 2 pics-1.png
1970s Don Arnold and Christmas Tree and Dresser-3.png


Maybe Janet, the first wife of Don.

1970s apx Janet maybe.png

1980's | Donald Arnold

Donald and his first child, Katie, the older sister of Joey | Katie was 51 days old in this photo on Thursday, the 14th of August, 1980, which is the same date Don's dad died, 27 years earlier.

1980-08-14 Thursday Don 30yr and Katie 51 days.png
1980s apx Don Marilyn Cake 2 kids.png
1983 apx don rick katie and man.png

1992 December

Donny | all of his four kids: Crystal | | Joey | Katie | Ricky

1992-12 Don 4kids SNES.jpg
1992-12 Don 4kids SNES Counter.png

Crystal Ann Arnold

Don's 2nd daughter | Joey's younger sister

1992-12 Don 4kids SNES Crystal Headshot.png

1992-12 Don 4kids SNES Crystal SOLO.png
1992-12 Don 4kids SNES Fridge.png
1992-12 Don 4kids SNES Under Counter.png

Mary's Funeral

1997 apx: California: Don Rasp, Ron Rasp, & Jim Atkins, during the funeral of their mother, Mary Margaret Hocking, who married Peter Marinus Rasp and then Walt Atkins.

1997 apx Don Ron Rasp and Jim Atkins 3 brothers.png
2004 or 2005 Christmas Don Crystal BIG.jpg
2004 or 2005 Christmas Don Crystal Dad Headshot.png

2004 Family Reunion

During the Christmas of 2004, we went to Katie's apartment in Portland, Oregon, watched some of our home videos, met Katie's boyfriend, not Forrest but maybe the BF before that or something. Don't remember, but he was some years older than her and had glasses.

2004 or 2005 Christmas Don Crystal Dad SOLO.png

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