Drummer Joey

Only 3 years old.

Back in 1988, you can see me singing, dancing, and drumming away like The Little Drummer Boy in that Christmas song. You can see me here in my parent's bathroom in the house I grew up in, in Oregon. Was singing the melody to songs even before I could sing them, even before I could talk well since I couldn't talk well until I was like 10 or so because I couldn't hear well until then.

Sudden Flashes of Inspiration

Out of nowhere one day, I started playing the drums. I didn't have a real drum set. Found some buckets to beat on. Some babies beat on pans. Not me. Give me buckets or give me death. That is the story of my life. Go with your gut. Get a feeling, align it with eternal principles, and go with it.


Family Photo (1988)

I remember walking with my family to do this photoshoot, this family portrait, professionally. We probably rode the bus. I don't remember that part but do remember walking down a suburb street, AKA a residential area, from like our library, our fire department, the Pacific University, towards the First Baptist Church of Forest Grove, Oregon. We probably had our picture taken at that church or around that area. I had like a toy binocular or something I was holding as we were walking.

Siblings Reunion: Forest Grove, OR (1988)
1988 Siblings Photo.png

Drummer Joey

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in August of 2018

2018-08-03 Friday 10:09 AM LMS | Drummer Joey
1988-07-31 Sunday | Ann Pickell's 85th Birthday | Seattle
1988-08-XX | Riding a horse
1988-XX-XX | playing drums | siblings photo
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Family Reunion 1988

My first time to Seattle was during this reunion. This photo was taken on Sunday, the 31st of July, 1988, which was 30 years ago. Believe it or not, I've revisited this trip in my mind many times during my life. We probably began our trip on Friday, the 29th, from our house in Oregon. Pretty exciting road trip for sure.

Road Trip to Seattle

We got in Aunt Karen's car and drove to Seattle. Karen is my mom's sister. Her family probably didn't come as they are not seen in this photo but my family were, me, Katie, Ricky, mom, and Crystal wasn't born until 2 years later in 1990, and dad was probably working, drinking, or maybe both. Maybe he wasn't invited or didn't want to go.

Overpass Bridges

While in the car to Seattle, I remember seeing highways, bridges, as we passed through Beaverton, Portland, in Oregon, on our way towards Seattle, in Washington State. The trip takes a few hours and it was my first time seeing so many bridges, cars, highways, and that is probably why I still remember it.

Giant Swimming Pool

I remember going into the pool with the help of my great grandma, Ann Pickell, my mom's mom's mom, and others. They held me up in the pool. There was a giant pool ball, the size of my whole body at that time. We played and sang the "Ring-a-round the Rosie" game and song in the pool.


There was a piano, big windows, with curtains. There was another place with many steps, like an outside theater, arena, or maybe it was something else.

Woodland Park, Seattle

Other people in this photo may include the following: Aaron, Aviva, Jackie, Greg, from Irene Pickell, the sister of my mom's mom's mom. Continuing: Mike, Garrick, Ted, Pickett. Karen Williams, my mom's sister, John Pickett, Jean C., Marles Pickett, and then our family, Ricky, Katie, Joey (me), Marilyn Kathleen Morehead (mom), and my mom's mom's mom, "Ann" Anatha Maude Pickett (formally Pickell): 1903-June, 1992 apx.

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