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Hi There..... Are you ready to travel again?

It's summer 2021, and we are allowed again! Get your bags out again. Pack nice summer clothes. I hope you still have room for a nice polo shirt from HemdvoorHem.nl in your or his suitcase?

What? You don't have one? No problem, because now may be a perfect time, HemdVoorHem is having sales. You can get discounts up to 50% on shirts (also short sleeves), polos, sweaters, underwear, and socks from their men's fashion summer collection. 😎

I used to be a huge fan of sales in fashion, but since I lost so much weight, it's not that fun anymore. It seems as if everybody has the same size as me now, and there is nothing left for me when I go sales hunting. Perhaps I should try to put on some weight again, wouldn't that be fun? 😏

Oh, no, I never want to become again what I once was. No offense to all the plus-size people, but being overweight made me feel so unhappy. I often looked at myself in the mirror, hating the person I had become. 😡

Perhaps I can persuade all of you to put on a few pounds? That could work if it would become a rage. Oh my, I am full of bright ideas, don't you agree? 😜

On the downside, I now see a lot more wrinkles. I found out where they come from. This quote from Doris Day explains it all "Wrinkles are hereditary. Parents get them from their children." 😲

Well, that means I am going to have an in-depth conversation with my kids, and ask them why they decided to give them to me because I don't recall ever asking for such a present. 😦

Ah, presents, right, time to talk about this beautiful polo shirt I received from HemdVoorHem in return for my honest opinion.

Hemdvoorhem polo 3.jpg


First of all, what exactly is a polo shirt?
A Polo Shirt is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket neckline with two or three buttons. They can have short or long sleeves. You slip it over your head. If the buttons go all the way down, it's no longer called polo, but a shirt.

They are very popular in summer, but also in winter. More and more men's polo shirts with long sleeves appear in the fashion scene. A welcome trend for many men.

Short sleeve polo shirt
Every summer, short-sleeved polos come back in the fashion colors of that season. You can order polo shirts in basic colors from us all year round. It is because of their informal look that they are a marvelous piece to wear in a striking color. There is a nice polo for every man, with every size and physique.

hemdvoorhem tommy polo 5_social media.png

Men's long sleeve polo
Besides the well-known short-sleeved model, we now also see long-sleeved men's polo shirts appearing more often at most brands. Often in beautiful warm colors that respond to the autumn collections, where the colors often go hand in hand with autumn tones of nature, only to become darker as the season extends further.

Polo shirt brands
There are many brands of polo shirts, at HemdVoorHem.nl we have selected several beautiful brands for you with a wide collection of different fits and colors. The most famous brands are Lacoste, Fred Perry, Calvin Klein, OLYMP, and Casa Moda.

hemdvoorhem lacoste social media.10262.png

Material of a polo
They make most polo shirts of 100% cotton. Many of the polo shirts are made of cotton in a pique weave, a fine structure that we always associate with the polo. There are, of course, also polo shirts in a different weave, but whether it is cotton pique or tricot, a polo shirt is simply wonderful to wear. It stretches nicely so that it never feels too tight.

The polo shirt was designed in the 1920s by the tennis champion René Lacoste from France. Back then, they still played tennis in a long-sleeved white button-up shirt. René Lacoste wanted to find a solution for this and after his popular years, he designed a polo shirt. In 1933, he and his friend André Gillier launched the polo shirt on the market. They had named the brand Lacoste. The market grew quickly and even people who didn't play tennis wanted a polo shirt. To this day, Lacoste is still one of the best-known brands on the market.

Hemdvoorhem polo 2.jpg

Redmond Modern Fit polo shirt, yellow (blue contrast)
Polo Shirt in a somewhat slimmer fit than the Regular Fit Polos from Redmond, without being tight. The polo stands out by using a contrast color on the button list. The Polo Shirt from Redmond is made from 100% cotton in a piqué weave. It is soft for the skin, wonderfully airy, and has maximum moisture uptake. A model with subtle logo application on the left chest with reinforced elastic hem at the sleeves and three buttons on the top. Easy to maintain (Easycare).

Hemdvoorhem polo.jpg

My opinion on the Redmond polo shirt
The polo shirt was delivered in no time, they are very fast in shipping your order. You can feel that the fabric quality is much better than the cheaper varieties you can find in any store, and it fits perfectly. The colors are fresh and vibrant.

Tell me, what are you still doing here. Hurry to get some of those sales before they totally run out.

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Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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