A Beginner's Guide To Steemit Curation!


Steemit curation is a trending subject on everyone's mind. As an avid user of Steemit myself, I offer the following advice on how to curate effectively on Steemit:

• Follow Steemit users whose posts generate more than $80 with each post they make. These posts attract "Whale" users who possess large voting powers.

• When Steemit users upload a post, upvote the post within the 18 - 22 mintue period for maximum curation rewards.

• Buy Steem Power! Steem Power will increase your curation rewards when you upvote. Also, when you upload a post yourself, set your reward to 100% Steem Power.

• Important: Only upvote 10 - 15 posts a day, otherwise your upvote will lose it's value overtime. Your upvote is valued in a percentage of 100%, which is its most valuable. If you upvote too many posts in a day, your vote will decrease in value to 80%. Your 'Voting Power' is reset back to 100% after 5 days. My 'Voting Power' is 86.42%. You can check yours at www.steemd.com.


• If your new on Steemit, at all costs, do not upvote your own posts! Save your vote for the other users who generate alot of money on their posts. Once you get more Steem Power, then you can start to upvote your own posts, because then your upvote would be worth something to you.

Hope this information helps you!
Keep on Steeming!

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