#38 Haas Travels ! Hive Story & Ko Pha Ngan picutres

Hi All,

Welcome back and thanks for stopping by again. Today I would like to start by thanking @curangel for noticing my work, especially curator @anggreklestari for selecting me. She blogs about food and is from Indonesia, so it's only fitting she found my post highlighting this cuisine.

HIVE Story
I also decided to share with you today the history and my intentions on Hive. Its important to know that I don't know much about Cryptocurrency. My friends coached me about Steemit in 2017 and I decided to join because I wanted to blog about traveling and connect with the platform.
I bought Steem at $1.20 worth $2000 to add to the community back in 2017, I really enjoyed posting for years and met many nice people because of the platform.

Work, however, kept me preoccupied and the value of Steem went down fast ($0.15) many people I connected with left the platform and I could find the same joy of posting again.

Fast forward to the year 2020/ 2021 I just quit my job in order to actively proceed new projects (my goal is to create online income to be able te keep traveling)
unfortunately, I had to sell off my Hive holding to keep myself going, I sold at $0,35, told you I don't know much about crypto!
I am very happy to see the Hive coin go up like it did the last months, coincidentally it lined up with my being able to travel again, so i will keep sharing and growing the platform.

for now some more pictures of Ko Pha Ngan to share.

Ko Pha Ngan

Thailand 1.png

Thailand 2.png

Such Great view from the house we are staying in.....
Thailand 4.png

Cooking at home and dining in Restaurants with friends (COVID19 restrictions are really easy going here on the island )
Thialand 3.png

Thailand 5.png

Thailand 6.png

Thailand 7.png

The beach is so empty with all the travel restrictions, normally this beach is famous for beach and full moon parties
Thailand 8.png

Thanks again for all your support and I will keep sharing my stories and travels

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