@curx Curation Top Picks, Thu Apr 22

The @curx curation project searches for exceptional content on the Hive blockchain. With our votes, we've supported 51 distinct authors on Thu Apr 22. Join the curation trail to support our authors! Here's a selection of the top posts curated:

The Gift of Silver.

Author: @maneco64
Category: #money
Created: Thu Apr 22 08:44:27 2021

Monomad photography challenge/ My entry on April 22th - Desafío de fotografía monomad / Mi participación 22 de abril. 🐜

Author: @dojeda
Community: Black And White
Created: Thu Apr 22 21:59:36 2021

Hive Stock Images - Rufous-bellied Niltava

Author: @lifeskills-tv
Community: Stock Images
Created: Thu Apr 22 01:31:39 2021

Ilish Fish Head with Lati

Author: @bdfoods
Category: #food
Created: Thu Apr 22 10:38:51 2021

Dream Diary - 21/4/21

Author: @platinum-blue
Category: #dreams
Created: Thu Apr 22 11:28:57 2021

Crypto Brew Master - Я в смятении

Author: @alinalazareva
Community: Team Ukraine
Created: Thu Apr 22 19:34:33 2021

Co-op Irresistible Katsu Curry Crinkle Cut Crisps

Author: @platinum-blue
Category: #food
Created: Thu Apr 22 11:53:18 2021

DIY| Portable flexometer with recyclable material/ Bricolaje| Flexometro portátil con material reciclable

Author: @emiliocabrera
Community: Build-It
Created: Thu Apr 22 17:40:21 2021

Isolation 71: Impetus

Author: @kaliyuga
Community: Alien Art Hive
Created: Thu Apr 22 20:27:12 2021

Crosstown Traffic

Author: @sulev
Community: Photography Lovers
Created: Thu Apr 22 04:41:00 2021

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