@curx Curation Top Picks, Mon May 10

The @curx curation project searches for exceptional content on the Hive blockchain. With our votes, we've supported 76 distinct authors on Mon May 10. Join the curation trail to support our authors! Here's a selection of the top posts curated:

The day of Birds and Trees 10. May

Author: @kalemandra
Community: Education
Created: Mon May 10 06:42:39 2021

Levantine Table Luxury Baklava Selection

Author: @platinum-blue
Category: #food
Created: Mon May 10 11:21:48 2021

Fascinating Insects Curation Report #7

Author: @gentleshaid
Community: Fascinating Insects
Created: Mon May 10 09:55:03 2021


Author: @angelina6688
Community: HIVE CN 中文社区
Created: Mon May 10 02:06:57 2021

The world is sick

Author: @shahinaubl
Community: BDCommunity
Created: Mon May 10 15:51:33 2021

A wonderful pink magnolia and its shadow reflected on the wall / Cudowna, różowa magnolia i jej cień odbity na murze

Author: @katiefreespirit
Community: Amazing Nature
Created: Mon May 10 13:27:51 2021


Author: @aafeng
Community: HIVE CN 中文社区
Created: Mon May 10 14:08:15 2021

Why Keeping a Travel Journal is Important

Author: @jacuzzi
Community: Haveyoubeenhere
Created: Mon May 10 03:45:33 2021

[En/Es] The most successful🤑. But it is the best?🤔 21 years of life PlayStation 2.

Author: @mclarenf11
Community: Hive Gaming
Created: Mon May 10 15:41:06 2021

Not Feeling Guilty for taking Self-Care!

Author: @rem-steem
Community: Natural Medicine
Created: Mon May 10 09:47:12 2021

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