How to find the Sweet Spot on the voting scale - an EXPERIMENT

10 vote limit? I think NOT !

The above video shows my friends account being gradually depleted of voting power. Don't worry, he's had nearly a year to take my advice and join, he's not likely to take the keys from me in the next 5 days before his power is regenerated. And if he does, I'll just play dumb until he reads this post.

The recent hardfork increased everybody's voting power by 4 so that instead of 40 votes being the optimal limit for 1 day it now only takes 10 votes to reach the optimal limit while still saving lots of voting power for tomorrow.

Despite popular belief, this does NOT mean you should now carefully select your TOP 10 authors or posts of the day to upvote and deprive the others who used to get the privilege of your vote.


Voting at 100% is 4 times as tiring as it was before.

The video above also tells a story about the problem of losing power faster than you can regain it. Surely the solution is to find a voting power that uses your power only as fast as you can regain it. This would depend on how often you vote.

If you're used to manual transmition then you probably don't count your votes! If you did, calculating a suitable rate would be easy. I'm currently conducting my own little experiment with my votes to find the SWEET SPOT for my voting scale.


1. Ideally, start with 100% voting power.

2. Choose a post to dedicate your 100% power vote on. Perhaps use a post of your own announcing your participation in this experiment.

3. Open or[insert username] and monitor the change in your voting power (a 100% upvote will bring it from 100% to 98%). KEEP THAT PAGE OPEN.

4. The next time you vote on a post, adjust the scale down to 98% to match the amount of voting power you had after your last vote.

5. Check your voting power again and use the new number to dictate where you scale your next vote. (Do this every time you vote).

6. Continue to curate casually the EXACT same way you would have prior to the hardfork, being care free (YES CARELESS & CARE FREE) about the depletion of your voting power.

7. If you notice that your voting power is now HIGHER than the scale of the vote you just used, then DON'T raise the voting scale up. Leave it at the lower number for all your next votes until you notice your voting power go below that number. Then adjust lower as usual.

Since the hardfork was implemented I started voting this way. My vote scale is currently as low as 68% for posts and I choose to reward comments with a quarter of that which is 17%. This will be my sweet spot until I find my power going lower than that.

I reached 68% voting power after 66 upvotes in about 72 hours. I'll admit I probably voted a little more than I did before the hardfork. Since then my voting power has been recovering even as I continue to upvote casually.

If you're worried about having to vote with only 1% just look at that video again and watch how many votes it took to get to 5%. That was at 100% upvote every time. It would take a lot longer while reducing the scale.


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