Marriage customs and traditions of everyone in Aceh


In the culture of the Acehnese people, wedding receptions are one of the most festive traditions held.

The traditional marriage of the Acehnese people has many values ​​and meanings contained in it, especially traditional values ​​and religious values.

The value of this tradition can be seen from a series of wedding processions that have been carried out by the Acehnese from generation to generation.

In addition, the marriage is also carried out in accordance with the traditions of meugaca, feast, semapa, hosting guests, and nujoeh which are carried out at the beginning and end of a series of events held.


In addition, for the wider community, tradition is a way of welcoming invited guests such as welcoming the groom, which is rarely implemented.

Seumapa is a welcoming ceremony performed by the syech as traditional elders by replying to rhymes.

Tradition A speech art that belongs to the Acehnese and Malay cultures. This speech art is often displayed in formal events among the people of Aceh.

Meanwhile, after the ceremony, the brother of the new groom is allowed to enter the queen's palace, accompanied by the tradition of washing his feet, then treated to a variety of delicious foods, as well as invited guests who attended.


After that, the wedding ceremony was closed with the handover of the groom who had been greeted with various enticing traditions.

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