Free Stocks , Your Opinion

Do You Think Getting a Free Stock is Worth It?

That is the Question I want FeedBack on.

I invest a little bit and you see all these programs where they will give you FREE Stocks if you get others to Join Their app.

What do you think, Have you joined or pasted it by. I have given my link out to about 5 people and they all have taken me up on it and tried it out, They Got a FREE Share of Stock and I Received a FREE Share of Stock.

Now I try to invest every week before I pay any of my bills.

The Saying is the Rich invest First and spend what is Left , the Poor Spend there money and Invest what they have left, I don't know about you but I kind like to Keep My money and let it work for me down the road.

So The feedback I would like to see is Do You Think that Investing to get a FREE Stock is Worth the Time we set up for it?