Tracking service leave your ads not working?


EBB's Advanced Tracker Links

You might have squeeze pages hosted somewhere that doesn't have stats, or maybe you would like to track all your affiliate links in one place.

You can create an EBB Advanced Tracker link and give that link out instead of the link to the link you want to track.

With many links you can even track form submissions to get an idea of what your conversion rate might be. You can even use this tool to test different designs of pages you host remotely.


You do not need to use tracker links for EBB pages and URL rotators you create and host on our server

We have individual stats for everything, so doing so may actually hinder the collection and accuracy of those stats.

So is recommend just using the short URLs and system generates for content hosted on our server. There is even detailed history and stats for all your referrals and leads so you can see exactly where they came from.


Easy Business Builder can track everything inside your account you create

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Easy Business Builder In Action

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