It's all about the story - #WhatILearnedToday

People LOVE stories. Whether it's reading a book, watching a movie, or sitting round with family and friends talking about old times, there's just something in a story that draws people in. Why do you think personal blogs are so popular? People are telling their stories. So, if stories are so popular, why aren't we using this as a tool when we send an email?


So, I have to admit, since ListNerds got me back to thinking about affiliate marketing, I have gone back into my ClickTrackProfit training and watched a few more of Jon's amazing videos. And of course, I was drawn to the Email Marketing section where one of the first videos is talking about "The Story". In thinking about the emails I have been reading lately, I am finding that to be an important part of the ones that generally catch my attention. If your email just says, "Buy my stuff", frankly, it turns me off, and my response is, "Nope...Next!". But if someone tells me about the success they have been having or the beneficial change they have seen in their life/business, that peaks my curiosity. I'm drawn into the story. Just like your being drawn into the story I'm telling now. It doesn't have to be a classic. It doesn't even have to be long. It just has to be real.

I think the main reason people don't do this is because it is easier to copy and paste a canned ad written my the person who is trying to get people into their program. I mean, how many times have you seen the same ad several times in the same day and the only thing different is the name at the bottom? It's time to get personal. It's time to talk to people instead of selling to them. If I wanted to be sold, I'd turn on The Shopping Channel. Stop looking for the easy way out and make your emails different, with your own special flair. Make it interesting. Make it personal. Tell your story.

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