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We are always told by our parents that we should not engage with strangers and I totally agree with that. We should not trust anyone until we know them to some extent.

Few years back, I had an encounter where I met few strangers and now we are good friends. Me and my husband were flying back to India, our flight got delayed because of bad weather due to which we missed our connection at Istanbul,Turkey.
We found ourselves in a frustrating situation as the airline crew made us wait for long hours before they settled us in a hotel for the night and the connecting flight next day. All the passengers were fighting for their turn.



There were other two strangers, our fellow passengers who were from India only and were flying to same airport. All four of us were in the same frustrating situation and this really helped us to bond. We spent almost 48 hours together, sightseeing through the popular Turkish tourist spots, laughing together and eating together. We had a great time together and we are still friends and talk to each other occasionally.


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I suppose, if we’re put into the same difficult situation as others, we tend to make friends faster and tend to be more honest with each other because in that particular situation we all need each other’s help to get out of that.

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