Pets- Extended Family

Hello all Hive Friends.

Hope you all are doing good.

Pets are those lovely creatures whom we choose to be our best friend, partners in crime, companions in bad times just like our siblings.

I totally remember all the lovely memories of the time that I spent with my childhood pet dog-Sandy It was a male dog who was brought by my Dad. It was a kind of gift given by uncle- my dad’s brother. Sandy was so tiny and cute just like a new born baby. He had this unusual habit of not being able to sleep alone and my parents won’t allow him to sleep with us. So we used to put him to sleep in the lap of a giant teddy we had so that does not cry or bark at nights. I think he used to feel like sleeping in his mother’s lap.

Sandy was so loving and caring, whenever me and my brother used to come back home from school, he used to cuddle with us for a minute and would then allow to do anything as if he was missing us badly. That was truly a purest form of love.



After few years, he died and we felt as if we had lost our closest family member. It was hard to recover from his loss but then we decided not to have any other pet because they have a limited years of life and it hurts badly when they die.

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