Friends-A Family that We Choose

Hello all Hive Friends.

Hope you all are doing good. Today I want to talk about the importance of friends and friendship. We all know that we need friends and it’s even more important for people who live away from their native place. With the globalisation we all living in a global village and people have moved form one place to other.


We live away from our family but still need emotional support. With advancement in the technology we don’t feel like away from family because we we can still see their faces in video chats but sometime we want to feel the physical presence of someone to hold you and sit beside you to listen. Sometime we have something that we can’t discuss with family because they will be too much worried and that then we turn to our friends to talk about it.

I am sure that there will be a lot more people who would have experienced this in last year or so during pandemic 😷.

They are the family away from family😊

This is also my entry 8 of 30 day content challenge. Hopefully I will be able to post everyday.


Here is the link for more details about this contest.


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