A Touching Netflix Documentary

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Today I watched a document on Netflix about the attacks on world trade centre. It was really a terrible and tragic experience to even watch the documentary.

Documentary explained the story really well the soviet influence on Afghans and how US tried to get them out as they were seeing them as threat to them as Soviet Union was spreading their presence in new territories.
This was helpful to understand the entire story and conflict.

People in Afghanistan had suffered a lot already and this incident added more to it . A lot of people had already left the countries in search of better life and many more are still trying to get out.

I was listening to some people from Afghanistan on radio, who are living in Ireland since long and how they were in pain and worried about the families back home.

America tried their best to defeat them and as soon as they left the country, it’s all back to chaos. Most of the countries had rescued their citizens but what about the Afghan citizens ?

That a big question and no one has the answer.

Many thanks for reading and upvoting my post.This is also my entry 19 of 30 day content challenge. Hopefully I will be able to post everyday.


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