Delegating to SBI for more credits - Getting out of the Gig-Economy

I took a look at my author vs curation rewards on HiveStats and noticed that I'm getting a lot more for posts.


So I'm going to run a little test, delegate 500 HP to @steembasicincome and see how my growth curve looks in 30 days


I want to have a nice steady basic income here on hive as part of my #noloafingmoney project, and this seems like a low hanging fruit way to increase my stake. I will continue to liquidate my HBD to Hive and then run monthly contests to increase my base SBI stake and then when that is done, I will remove the delegation.

If this test shows that the SBI delegation method is superior to curation to grow my account, I will also increase the delegation and pause all my autovotes.

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