Look At Me..I'm Busking With A License

Well, I've reached my next milestone in the Rising Star game on HIVE. I have attained level 8 and can now do the Busking With A License mission. This not only increases the amount of time that I can do other things between missions, but I also earn more Starbits and XP for each mission.


At this point, I have earned over 2200 Startbits (not that I am saving for anything in particular). I also have a Pizza box (which allows me to save Pizza so I can use it when I need it instead of it automatically being consumed when I find it). Therefore, I can better control when my energy gets boosted and earn more throughout the day.

My next milestone is Level 10. Then I will be able to start taking Music Lessons so I am able to fight off my dreaded EGO! I will also have access to the Midweek Headline Slot mission for even more earning potential.

Who knew making money could be so much fun! If you haven't started playing this game yet, check out Rising Star...it's FREE to play.

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