More Stacking of 2 Income Tokens This Week

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First of All

Mark your calendars to show up on the Thursday Night Live Show May 26th @ 8 pm EST.
There is going to be a launch of something big that night!
Hope to see you there!

My Friend, Bradley Arrow, @bradleyarrow

Has an Off Blockchain Proposal for a DHF to support a Children's Hospital.
You can read more about how to support him and his efforts on this post.

Finally Convinced My Dad

That the only way to block all the Robo-Calls he keeps getting is to use voicemail and not his answering machine. He got about 15 of them right in a row saying that there were charges trying to go through on his Amazon account and he needed to press whatever number to verify them or not. The answering won't block them.

He doesn't get aggravated by the sound of a ringing phone the way I do. I think those calls are a huge intrusive nuisance.

Had to call the cable company because he has his VOIP phone service through them. Got it set up just fine though. And gave him a nice yellow sticky note with the very simple instructions. There was one of those calls trying to come through and they weren't even able to leave a message. YAY! Successfully BLOCKED!!

Other than that, it's been a pretty normal weekend day here.


On to this Week's Progress


My HivePower keeps slowly building and I have been throwing my HBD rewards into savings as I get them. Not liking that whole 666 thing up there though. LOL

Just 333.769 HP away from the 5000 HP goal.
or 93.3% there.


Friday Buy Day 5/20/2022

I received 22.623 Hive from Blocktrades and a tip of .10 Hive from @mypathtofire for making a comment on his post about his solo email on ListNerds.

I used HivePay Swap to deposit the Hive tokens from Blocktrades to Hive Engine Swap.Hive. Between what was already in my account (4.04569261 Swap.Hive), trading some other tokens and the deposit of 22.578 Hive, I ended up with 27.197 to use for my weekly token purchases.

Focused on Increasing My Holdings of 2 Income Tokens This Week


Invested 15.05 (@0.43 Hive each) of those Hive tokens to increase my Index holdings by 35 HE-INDEX tokens. New total: 1555 HE-INDEX. Upping my next goal to 2500 Index. I think I set it at 2000 when I hit 1500.


Bought and staked 4 more WORKERBEE tokens @2.749888 Hive each. Total of 10.99955200 invested to increase those holdings to 84 WORKERBEE staked.

WORKERBEE tokens usually cost more than that from what I have seen so I wanted to take a little advantage of the price break on them. And they're another income token adding to my stacks.


Weekly Progress Reports on Other Token Accumulation

CTP Power on CTPtalk:
Total as of 5/14: 50408.273

5/15 Claimed and staked: 50.268 New total: 50458.541
5/16 Claimed and staked: 26.35 New total: 50484.891
5/17 Claimed and staked: 21.323 New total: 50506.214
5/18 Claimed and staked: 25.705 New total: 50531.919
5/19 Claimed and staked: 12.953 New total: 50544.872
5/20 Claimed and staked: 22.135 New total: 50567.007
5/21 Claimed and staked: 18.207 New total: 50585.214

Increased by 176.941 CTP Power or 0.35%

CTP Power on List Nerds
Total as of 5/14: 8738.419

5/15 Claimed and staked: 13.468 New total: 8751.887
5/16 Claimed and staked: 12.112 New total: 8763.999
5/17 Claimed and staked: 8.329 New total: 8772.328
5/18 Claimed and staked: 8.556 New total: 8780.884
5/19 Claimed and staked: 7.415 New total: 8788.299
5/20 Claimed and staked: 4.409 New total: 8792.708
5/21 Claimed and staked: 0.315 New total: 8793.023
Increased by 54.604 CTP Power or 0.62%

LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds
Total as of 5/14: 2347.866

5/15 Claimed and staked: 281.585 (118.242 for email that was sent on 5/7 and verified and paid on 5/14, 118.242 for solo mail sent on 5/14 that was instantly verified, and 45.101 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS tokens) New total: 2629.451

5/16 Claimed and staked: 188.922 (137.766 for May 8th email sent, verified, and paid and 51.156 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 2818.373

5/17 Claimed and staked: 181.173 (126.557 from email on May 9th that was verified and paid out and 54.616 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 2999.546

5/18 Claimed and staked: 57.668 (passive earnings from staked LISTNERDS)
New total: 3057.214 My last goal was 3000. Already passed that so new goal is going to have to be a bit higher. 5000 it is.

5/19 Claimed and staked: 58.846 (passive earnings from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 3116.060

5/20 Claimed and staked: None today.

5/21 Claimed and staked: 62.111 New total: 3178.171

Increase of 830.305 LISTNERDS or 35.36%



I have been completing Illegal Busking Missions consistently every day all week.

One thing I have noticed is that I am able to complete many more missions on my mobile than on the computer. Don't know if that is coincidental or if that is a common thing.


Right now after completing one last Illegal Busking Mission:

I am at Level 14 with 125/700 points and 3390 Starbits.

After I finish this post I am going to withdraw them to Hive-Engine and see if I can buy a Pizza Box to store up some energy.


So, that's all I have for this week's update.

Have a few more tips to distribute for today and a few other tasks to complete before I am finished till tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you next week.

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