I've Decided That I'm Quitting.


It’s official…

I’ve completed my challenge that I gave myself of writing one blog post every single day for 30 days….therefore, I quit….

…that’s what the old Janelle would say. However, the NEW Janelle says, Yay! Go me! Now keep going! What’s the next target to hit?

Okay, so my headline may have been a bit deceiving. I’m sorry about that. It got your attention though, didn’t it? So now that I have your attention, I’d just like to say that 30 days in is a great feat for me. I am actually really proud of myself. But it’s nothing in the big game. It’s barely even scratching the surface on where I want to go.

I have learned so much in the short 2 months I’ve been on the #Hive blockchain and I can’t WAIT to continue to learn more. There is no way I’m giving in now!

So onward and upward we go.

Create, engage, curate, accumulate, repeat. 🙂

Let’s go!

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