4 years on this awesome blockchain


The start
4 years ago, after waiting for 6 weeks, I finally got an email with an invite to start posting on steem with my account @elbrava. Bitcoin was close to the 20k all-time high and some people were earning hundreds of dollars from their posts on steemit.

Not me though, I had no idea how to get any traction. I wrote a few posts that didn’t get noticed at all. I hadn’t invested any money so my upvote was worth 0.000, so I’m I wasn’t earning from curation.

I did comment and engage a little, but for a year I didn’t get much more than 5 steem from the rare occasion that somebody with enough stake upvoted my comment on their post.

The bear-market
As the prices of crypto plummeted over the next year, the little crypto that I had became almost worthless. I was still reading a lot of posts and engaging, but it didn’t help at all.

The change
So at some point I decided to exchange the little bit of litecoin and Bitcoin that I had for steem.

I also won a contest and got a delegation for a month or so, which for the first time caused my upvote to be worth something. So I started getting curation rewards. I was so happy about that!

Then Actifit launched their app and steem-engine was launched. All of a sudden you could earn multiple tokens.

I got involved with the Plankton community and started getting daily upvotes from them and Actifit. Then slowly my rewards started increasing.

The hard-fork
Around the time of the Hive hard-fork from steem, my account had about 250 stem, so I got that amount of hive and started selling steem for more hive. As I did not immediately sell everything, I was able to sell about half of my steem when hive was priced lower than steem. So that got me even more Hive.

An experiment
Shortly after the fork I decided to start this account along side my main account @elbrava. With all the things I had learned I wanted to try to do a better start than before.

I would not invest any money at all. Start completely from scratch and try to get 500 hive power in 8 month’s. I started in May and wanted to achieve it by December.

As I committed to post daily and engage a lot with the ctp community, it proved to be so much easier to get traction than previously on the old blockchain.

The key for succes
Firstly I committed to posting daily for at least half a year. Secondly I plugged into a supportive community with ctp and the alive tribe. Thirdly I decided on a few goals at the start and didn’t change them, but just went after them.

This is a social blockchain, you will have to post if you want to get traction and you will need people to upvote your posts, so plug into a community, engage and make friends.

It is not hard, but you have to commit.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support. Now let’s see if hive can 10x the all-time high from 2017. I believe it was around $8 or so. $80 hive sounds good to me 😁

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