Alive On Thursday Contest - My Greatest Memory Of IAAC

Hello all lovely people on Hive,

This post is my 2nd entry for "Alive On Thursday" contest initiated by @flaxz. He is going to conduct this contest every Thursday and this week's challenge is to share your Share Your Greatest Memory Of IAAC.

I have been participating #iamalivechallenge contest for a good time now. Today I posted my day 161 participation of this challenge. So to write about the challenge i started thinking and recall my memories to pick the one moment i liked the most. That one either funny or lovely moment that i would love to live again. I kept thinking for full day and strangely i could not recall even one such memory.



I was so confused and about to give up then i realize, that I could not find or decide one single moment because I actually enjoyed every moment that I spent for this contest because every time I post #iamalivechallenge it's a celebration of liveliness, gratefulness to god for giving this life and it teaches me an important lesson - It does not matter in what condition you are in, does not matter how you are doing, or how the world is doing, Keep reminding yourself that nothing could be better than you being alive. If you are alive, you can do anything and rebuild your life to get out of whatever condition you are.

This amazing contest helped me get through the dark phase that we never imagined to happen. No one thought about a small virus like this can bring the whole world to their knees.

That's all from my this time. I am looking forward to see posts form other people about their memories. i am sure there will be a lot and they all will be very unique.

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