Is it really worth it?


Hello everyone!

Sometimes when you are feeling down it seems that everything crumbles even more around you and you feel discouraged to keep pushing yourself.

Sometimes is good to stop everything, take a few steps back and watch the big picture...

Sometimes you need to make choices, whether are good or bad, it will be more of "is it worth it?"

The problem is that people, especially those who we try to help, from your circle of customers, members of a group or community even family, are the first ones putting you down because they prefer not seeing the big picture or even choosing what it really worths!

Then again, is not my decision to make choices for you, but it's up to me to choose if I'm willing to support those choices or not.

People are just not willing to listen.

In a world full of changes by the second, people are stuck in the old ways and they are willing to keep that way because they only know that way.

Even Mando knew at the end that not everything "Is the way"!

I have an intern at the Spa and one of the first lessons I gave to him from my experience was:

Be adaptable and flexible to change! Because not everything will be as you learned and every place and person are different but never get stuck to the same ways that can turn into old ways. Be always open to improving those ways.

It's sad to see some people in this Hive world almost at the same time I have or even being longer here than me and still doing the same things over and over again with no sign of improvement, or even worse, not even here anymore and when they start over their cycle from the Vortex of Doom, they either start over like they have a mental reset and know nothing or throw a rant blaming the system!

They prefer to focus on picky details that are not worth it instead of focus on themselves!

And that makes me think...

Is it worth investing my time in reading, listening and learn new things?
Is it worth investing my time in creating content to help?
Is it worth sleeping only 4/5 hours a day to create content, work on a million projects, help others, be present and engage?
Is it worth posting this kind of rant/rage/butt kick and maybe make people hate me?

Because I love what I do!

And I wouldn't trade this for anything!

Because it is people like me and a few others that are willing to change, to improve, to grow!

Because in a world full of haters, emojis, crybabies, antieverything, shinningobjectseekers, we will prevail!


Yes, I said a few posts ago that I'm not giving up on my community!

However...for the sake of my sanity, I will be willing to help if you are willing to listen.


Thank you so much for reading!



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