Finally Getting That Podcast started! 📱🎧

A while back I started the #3StepsNoExcuses Challenge. I didn’t make it through without any breaks, but I did pick up a lot of useful tips and learned a lot of things I can do to see growth in my accounts and connect with others.

One of the challenges that was given was to start a podcast. And after 2 weeks of trying to figure out podcasting, I finally have a show together! 😳


by together I mean artwork, a trailer, and a template for creating episodes, and an ad

Checkout the podcast here:


listen on Anchor

I actually have some shows that are halfway planned out and I have some episodes partially recorded as well. I was surprised to find out that putting together a podcast is actually a fun process.

It also has some nice advantages compared to some of the other things I do online like my hive blog and my Odysee channel.

  • Using anchor makes it super easy to record clips, edit my audio, arrange my recordings, and upload right from my phone. And if you follow my content you know I do EVERYTHING from my phone

  • Anchor publishes the podcast to all the podcasting outlets for me. Probably not the best for ownership of the content but it saves me a TON of time, and allows my to broadcast my content to people all over the world with one tap on my screen.

  • The editing is a lot different with podcasting. The mistakes don’t sting as much with podcasting which makes the editing a lot easier. (So far) It doesn’t feel like the mistakes are as much of a distraction with podcasting as long as the ideas are communicated to the listeners I’ll be happy with the episode.

But my overall plan is to have fun with this and build. I want to try to not talk about crypto on the show too much, but I will use this as a chance to build links for my hive blog and Odysee channel. And I’ll talk about the content that I’m doing on those platforms but not in the same way I talk about it here.

I’m kinda focused on reviews, making money online from a cell phone, and making money online without a website, so I’m sure all of those topics will be talked about on the show regularly so if that’s something you’d be interested in be sure to subscribe!

I don’t have a schedule or anything yet. Right now I’m hoping to do 1 episode a week while I figure out how to build episodes and find different segments I can do to ad some verity in the content.

But this is a growing, developing, podcast so I need feedback Let me know what you think in the comments.

Is this a winning podcast idea? Do I need to adjust my approach or should I go with a different topic?





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