A New PeakD feature

PeakD has a NEW Feature!

I noticed this new feature while reading posts yesterday. At least, this was when I first saw it.

I may have been there longer, and this post may be old news to you, but here goes...

PeakD now has a text-to-speech engine.

It is only in PeakD from what I have seen, or rather NOT seen on other frontends.

Listen to post on peakd.png
This is a post by @gadrian that I listened to this morning.

It is a nice new feature, but it does have a few issues that may take getting used to.

It is a rather flat monotone voice, but nonetheless, it does translate the text rather well.

It is strange to listen to posts by people you have heard speak, and you know the sound of their voices.

An example would be @jongolson, who I have listened to and talked with for over a decade, as well as @taskmaster4450, who has a number of video post as well as a co-host on the Cryptomaniacs podcast.


So, why does this matter to me?

The first and most obvious reason is that listening is much easier than reading text.

I believe that this is a positive step forward for Hive in general.

Amazon makes a lot of money selling audiobooks. Most people, in general, would prefer to listen rather than read text.


But, I only read posts from XYZ frontend. How can I benefit from this.?

I am glad you asked that.

Any post written on any frontend, can be viewed in PeakD.

If you are not aware of how this is done, I have made a little graphic to help you see how it is done.

PeakD text to speech feature.png
Graphics made by me in Canva

Now, I know this is going to bug a few die hard readers, but overall I feel it is a step forward for Hive.

What do you think about it?

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,
John Novak

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