3 Steps no Excuses - Day 9 Livestream a video


Here is my Day 9.
What a challenge this was .
I am so glad that I could do it on a weekend.
So I was supposed to make a livestream.
I have never done it before so I decided to upload a video that I made.
hopefully I will do a livestream next week
You can find it here.
You can also find it on Facebook here
The learning modules at Click Track Profit have been very helpful.
I love how Jon Olson has set up the series.
There is a ton of information to go through.
Todays module was about getting clicks at Click Track Profit.
That is one of the values of making a video.


I am getting good clicks over at List Nerds.
I think I need to improve my emails . I haven't finished my new landing page and autoresponder email series yet.
I am hoping that getting it up and running will help.

3 steps banner.gif
I hope you all had an awesome weekend. I will be back tomorrow for another blog post
Tom Alente