A totally unsuccessful onboarding attempt

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I have some offline friends that are aware that I'm into crypto. I gave up to try to sell it to them and as long as they don't ask, I try to avoid speaking about it because it never really results in anything constructive. I don't know whether I just lack the skills to persuade them or if it is because their mind is already made.

I have 10'000 $, what crypto should I buy?

The other day, one of these friends concretely asked me in what crypto he should invest if he has 10'000 $ to do so. This is the typoe of question that I don't really like because I don't consider crypto as an investment vehicle. If you invest 10K into a coin and you hope that the coins goes up, you are not investing but speculating.

Why not try Hive?

Therefore I didn't give him an investment advice but told him what I was doing which is being active on Hive. I sent him several links with useful resources about Hive, like the Hiveguide which is a free online course created by @jongolson to learn how the blockchain works, a link to my own profile on peakd and a link for the sign-up page of hive.

I explained to him why I found hive so great. Mainly because you didn't need to invest to earn money.

What type of scam is that?

His answer was quite intriguing:

How can you earn money without investing? This doesn't seem logic. What kind of scam is this? Did you give me these links to earn money when I sign up?

I don't want to argue whether his reaction was appropriate or not... (I believe it wasn't, lol). Maybe it sounded too good to be true. I think that a lot of people can't wrap their mind around such a concept like hive. It's actually quite tricky to grasp that most cryptocurrencies are created from a type of inflation (or rather supply increase). Creating content on hive is like mining on bitcoin. But in the end, all money needs to be created in a certain way. The quality of the money is then in how this currency can keep or increase it's value. That is what will actually matter to see whether it will be successful or not.

Questioning how to onboard people to hive

To come back to the situation at hand, I believe that even people that are familiar with crypto are still far from understanding the concept of hive. Hive is pretty different from everything out there and the above example showed me that we will need a lot of time and maybe a totally different approach to onboard new users to hive...

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