Free speech Twitter alternatives: What is Gab?

Gab is a Twitter alternative and free speech social media network. It was founded by Andrew Torba in 2016 as a private beta. Website is anti-censorship and thus frequently attacked online for sometimes extremist behavior of its members.

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For some people, Gab is nothing but a platform for the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists, the alt-right, and QAnon conspiracy theorists to share their propaganda.

But, the fact at hand remains unchanged, Gab is one of a few places online where members can post whatever they like without getting suspended and it is also advertised as a user-friendly network that respects your freedom and privacy.

All of this sounds so nice and dandy until you figure out that the Gab is mainly populated by white Christian supremacists, the prevailing topic is US politics, it is not decentralized, there is a prolonged Privacy policy and Terms and conditions available on site, which I suggest you read thoroughly...

So, where do we stand with the Gab?

I would just say if you have to pay for the stuff you can get free elsewhere, then go elsewhere. I will not say that the Gab is a complete failure project-wise, but there are better alternatives.

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