What is your favourite cryptocurrency web-browser wallet?

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the current wallets that we have on Hive and concluded, for a few reasons I’ll be sharing more of later, that there’s a lot of room for improvement.

So I’m taking some time right now at the drawing board considering what I would love to see differently than those that we have. Having just helped 3 new users get started on Hive in the recent month (@olebulls, @maxgou and @katiolus if you want to give them a follow and some engagement 😊), I’ve seen some of the challenges and confusions that some of them have had which I would like to see addressed.


There are tonnes of different wallet solutions out there, which ones are your favorites?
Image source: Techcronus

So in that regard, I would love to hear from any of you what wallets you’ve tried on other blockchains that you’ve liked? Whether it be because of its design, simplicity, being intuitive and easy to use, or with some unique features that you’re missing here. I must admit that I’ve really sucked at exploring other blockchains and cryptos outside of HIVE and Bitcoin the past few months, so I expect that there’ll be a lot out there that I’ve completely missed.

I am especially interested in wallets for tokens that can be staked and where rewards are earned (whether it is normal staking rewards, or DeFi-related yields). Yes, that’s right, I’ve not tried out or owned a single DeFi token.

I’ll make sure to upvote any comments that I get containing at least a screenshot of the wallet and some explanation for what you like about it, or how you experienced it as easy to use and intuitive.


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