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Fiat currency simply means fiat money which means currency or tender that is backed up by the government to serve as a medium of exchange in a country.
As the world is improving day by day so does the medium of exchange (Money), as of now only 8% of the world countries is using physical notes; this shows that virtually all economy of the world is transacting cashless. The remaining 92% of the fund in the world economy is transacted via smarts and apps.
On neutral ground, fiat currency is getting replaced by a digital currency which in nutshell means cryptocurrency, in the world little by little. Due to the ease transacting means which is done with Blockchain.

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What is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is any digital currency that does not have a concrete or partial backed up by the government of a country; it is based on a certain algorithm or programming language or work.

Cryptocurrencies can also be said to be a digital asset that people use as an investment to earn a super profit or as a means of making payment online for goods purchased. One of the essential characteristics of cryptocurrency is that it cannot be duplicated and can be easily be tracked when traded.

In cryptocurrency they are basic coin that is been traded with, this is Bitcoin and Altcoin and they are both regarded to be trustworthy than paper money because of the immune against inflation they possess.

Note: in this article, we are centering on the Cryptocurrency and digital Gold

Digital Gold?
Digital Gold is a blockchain platform that is designed for the purchase of physical gold with a gold token which is an ethereum based token.
Digital gold is an investment that is backed up physical gold in which the value is been determine by the state or price of physical gold at any point in time.

In nutshell, Digital Gold is a courageous and innovative project that is meant to bridge the gap that exists between the digital ecosystem and gold.

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Digital gold is also cryptocurrency but is backed by gold, this makes it to be exceptional because almost all crypto coin are volatile but when considering digital gold value and trend is determined by the force of demand and supply of gold which is always favourable in most cases.

In most time crypto coins do experience the same market downfall in which all coins will be affected, in this case, digital gold is immune to such, which will be a loss on the part of the investors most time.

Cryptocurrency and digital gold both benefit from non-payment of tax.
The liquidity of cryptocurrency cannot be predicted because not all crypto coin is listed and those that are listed in a short time become shit coin, except for a few of them thriving, but when considering digital gold is highly liquid because gold is always sellable whether digital or physical gold is liquidity can be predicted to some extent.
With digital gold, there is a guaranteed investment in cryptocurrency generally with a good profit.

From the above digital gold are a guaranteed investment and the best stable cryptocurrency coin as of now.


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