5 Blockchain Projects, that will lead to a more sustainable world! You could be a part of it in a matter of seconds!

5 Blockchain projects, that will lead to a more sustainable world


Todays topic is all about the intersect between the blockchain technology and the planet earth. As some of you may know, my interests are in some way contrary to each other. On the one hand, I am a huge fan of technology and I am thrilled to see what kind of innovations are going to be developed in the upcoming years. On the other hand, I am able to see the grievances of our Mother Nature and see, that a lot what our modern society characterizes need to change drastically. The chaos in the Ecosystem we (the humans) caused in the last decades is a matter of fact and we are able to see the effects already today. Big storms, flooding, mudslides, etc. are big threats to many of us.
As an Engineer I feel constantly under pressure to innovate something, that actually is able to support our planet. Today is not the time to talk about my ideas of how to turn the earth to a better place to live for all species. But it is the time, to talk about concepts, based on the blockchain technology, that others invented and are in my opinion worth to have a look at and maybe even support them by investing in it.

The key question for me is:

How can the blockchain technology not only lead to a more democratic world, but also help saving the planet against the destruction of the human kind?

#1: GREEN EARTH - 100% renewable energy for the Cryptocurrency Mining Sector


Team-Vision, an austrian company, calls out for the GREEN EARTH project. They want to make sure, that every coin that is mined in the future, is a green coin. Meaning, it is 100% made of renewable resources. As some of you may know, the electricity cost to produce 1 Bitcoin, exceeding 1000$. That is a huge amount of energy needed to produces these tokens. To make sure, the blockchain technology is not just another innovation that damages our planet and that enriches the already rich ones, Team-Vision wants to go full green! It is a great way to make people aware of the problem in the early stages, where things could actually change if people respond to it.
To achieve the renewable resources for the blockchain industry, Team-Vision bought a big property of 814 Hektar in Costa Rica. They want to build solar panels, wind turbines and hand the out gained energy over to the big mining companys. In numbers, 364356 tons of CO2 would be saved annually. That my friends, is a lot!

Have a look at their website to receive more information about the project: GREEN EARTH

#2 Earth Token, a Natural Asset Exchange Marketplace

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Due to the increase of awareness for the climate change throughout the people, many businesses want to contribute in it and want to be a part of it. The problem is, the whole market of natural assets are wide spread and not easy to combine each other. This is what the Earth Token wants to change. The Earth Token represents the value of natural assets and sustainable products and technologies.
How does it work? here is an example:
Instead of chopping down a forest to gain wood, the comunity gets paid Earth Tokens to preserve and grow the forest.
Individuals and business of any size can now use natural assets, to compensate for their environmental impact via a natural asset exchange, that connects buyers to sellers. The market now grows organically and achieves its massive potential, generating wealth while preserving the earth for future generations.
People like us can invest in a sustainable future by buying earth tokens.
It is a big leap into the right direction, by putting it all together to make it more easy for companies to contribute.

There is a lot more to say about this project, just go to their site Klick or read their WHITEPAPER. If you would like to invest in it, take a look at their ICO, which starts in about 9 days.

#3 ECO COIN - Reward humans for actively contributing to a more sustainable world

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The goal is to value and reward environmentally good actions. The basic idea of the ECO COIN project is to pay people to be sustainable. A simple, but revolutionary idea to reward actions of people that are doing good to the environment. For example just by using e-tickets for your flights or train rides, will give you ECO COINS or by supporting an environmental project like garbage collecting, etc... There are thousands of use cases to earn the coins. With the earned ECO COINS, you will be able to unlock rewards like exclusive food, media content or get access to secret areas. The more you participate, the more you earn and the better the rewards. It is a community project, everyone can participate and earn rewards or create a new task how to gain coins.
The concept is pretty simple but it could really change the way we live our daily life if this project becomes mass adopted.

You can go to their Website for more informations and a better understanding of the ECO COIN.

#4 The Earth Dollar - A Vision to Save the Planet

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The value of the Earth Dollar is based on the health of our planet. Instead of creating value by extracting resources out of our land, it is creating value by putting resources by putting it back in. Planting new trees, cleaning our rivers, repopulating the oceans, the healthier the planet, the more valuable your earth dollar is. The Earth is backing the Earth Dollar, the trees, water and animals are backing the Coin. Here is an example of how it works: Polluted water has no value at all, by cleaning it, not only will you be able to drink the water, therefore it has a direct practicable value, but you will also earn Earth Dollar for doing so.

It is yet another wonderful and simple project to make the world to a better place. To learn and understand more about the concept behind Earth Dollar, go to their site: Earth Dollar

(by the way, the Earth Dollar Token Sale (ICO) begins on the 11.11.2017 at 11:11 am GMT)

#5 Carbon Coin - Reward the farmers for a more responsible agriculturing


The Idea behind this project is to make use of the blockchain technology by rewarding all farmers around the globe for a sustainable behavior. We all know, that the agriculture sector is constantly increasing due to the demand of more food for our growing population of the planet. This industry has a big impact on the CO2 balance throughout the planet. The meat production is one of the biggest CO2 producing mechanisms and obviously needs to change drastically. This is where the Carbon Coin Project gets his feet in the door. It constantly rewards this sector if they behave in a good way for Mother Earth. There are ways to measure the overall output of carbon dioxide made by agricultural companies and therefore make the changes visible and create a way to be able to reward the efforts been taken to make the world a better place.
This project is only on the papers at the moment and has no further development.

You may read the article of the Carbon Coin here if you are interested in this project.

I know, that there are plenty of other really promising projects out there, fighting for a voice to be heard with really amazing ideas of how to make the planet more sustainable. If you are interested in get to know more blockchain projects of this kind, leave a comment and I will go for it on a weekly basis.

Here is a little reminder in the end, sometimes it takes not much to make big changes to the ecosystem. The snowballing effects can be tremendous!

If the wolfs did it, why can't we?

Thank you for reading and taking your time!

Have a great day! @ddot

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