How to get Bitcoin? & Bitcoin Mining in 2019 !!


Bitcoin today is still in the top position no one has been able to beat its position, of course this makes many people eager to have Bitcoin.

How to get free Bitcoin may have been wanted by many internet users, but this is sometimes very difficult if you don't know how. the good news is that you have come to the right place because I will tell you in this post.

Become a Trader
This is the most effective way to generate bitcoin until now, you can take advantage of the bitcoin sales that you do in exchange, but make sure you have a strong analyst ability to get Bitcoin with this technique.

Become a Trading Teacher
Have you been lazy to trade alone all the time? then it's time for you to consider becoming a teacher or coach for other beginner traders, now here you can apply special fees for beginner traders to join your bitcoin trading course.

Next to how to get free Bitcoin 2019 you can follow Airdrops, now there are countless Airdrops and you can join them just by having twitter, telegram and some other social media.

If you know bitcoin then you are already familiar with the world of Mining right? This can also be considered for you to open a crypto mine in your home, if you are lazy to open at home, you can also join cloud mining.

Since the beginning appeared Bitcoin, Faucet itself is already exist and until now they continue to grow and the good thing is you can get a free Bitcoin 2019 by using this technique.

Follow Promotions on BitcoinTalk
Promotions at BitcoinTalk are also no less interesting, there you have to be an active member first after that you will receive an inbox from the ICO provider owner who asks for your services to promote their ICO, you just have to specify the cost for your one service. Very interesting right?

Join Bitcoin Affiliates
Affiliation also includes one way to get free Bitcoin 2019, here you can simply register to a certain exchange and after that you can just promote the ref link that you get, the more people who join your link the commission will also get bigger.

Selling Ebooks
Being good at reviewing tutorials, you have the opportunity to write an ebook and then sell it using Bitcoin. For your own ebook idea you can get it from anywhere, and that you must definitely master.

Blockchain teacher
Have you ever thought of being a Coach of the Blockchain? lately the workforce associated with Blockchain technology is very much needed, well if you are proficient in this field then this is a very good opportunity for you.

Maybe you have to have capital first, because for your exchange operating costs at the beginning, after your exchange has progressed, you can be sure to get free bitcoin every day from the commission you receive.

Thus the post on how to get a free Bitcoin 2019 that you should consider, if you still have other ideas please leave your comments below and I am very happy to add your idea in this post.

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The Best and Most Trusted Bitcoin Mining in 2019

For those of you who like to do bitcoin mining, the Bitcoin Mining Pool must be the biggest consideration before you join them, so in this post we will see some of the best Bitcoin Mining Pool this year.

The first position is occupied by, it is very well known as the Bitcoin Mining Pool which has very ordinary features. This is related to the pay-per-share payment method. At present, it has a hashrate of almost 5.88 Exahash/sec.

Furthermore, there is Slush, it is known as one of the Bitcoin Mining Pool that first operated in this world. This is a very famous mining pool regardless of its size which is not too large.

This Pool Based in China, Antpool is a famous mining pool operated by Bitmain. This is known as the Bitcoin Mining Pool which does not charge. The company is involved in mining almost 25% of all blocks.

Currently F2Pool is still based in China. This collection has succeeded in mining almost 10% of all blocks available over the past six months.

ViaBTC is still classified as a new mining collection that has been operating for almost a year at the time of this writing. This is most suitable for Chinese miners and is involved in mining almost 9% of all available blocks. is a collection of mining that is operated by the private sector and so you are not allowed to join them. Hashrate from the mining pool is almost 3100 Hits per second. And he has succeeded in mining 7% of all mining blocks.

Ravencoin is also a very popular Bitcoin Mining Pool and it is possible to combine the X16R algorithm. This X16 algorithm is a mixture of 16 separate algorithms ordered according to the hash of the previous block.

BitFury is another collection of private mining. At present, BitFury has been involved in mining almost 3.5% of all blocks.

Although Bitclub.Network is one of the best and largest mining collections in the mining market today; there is something suspicious about this Bitcoin Mining Pool. So you need to pay more attention to them.

BW Pool is a Bitcoin Mining Pool based in China. He has been involved in mining almost 5% of all available blocks.

This is also still based on China. Although he is still accessible to various miners, all of them are still in Chinese.

BTCC is a collection of Bitcoin mining based in China and is the third largest. This mining collection produces almost 7% of all blocks.

This Pool is very focused on your privacy and is something that is profitable for you, if you really value your privacy.

Kano CKPool is also known as KanoPool and offers a mode of payment of PPLNS to you at a cost of 0.9%. Although it doesn't have so many features, it has a two-factor authentication process for added security.

ETN is a Bitcoin Mining Pool created with a series of blocks. It focuses on mobile games and various other online markets.

ZENCash also includes the popular Bitcoin Mining Pool now, it will help you use mined coins to generate an ROI of almost 25% in the current era.

Thus the post about Bitcoin Mining Pool is trusted and the best at the moment, which you can consider before choosing a mining pool for you to join. If this post is useful for you, please provide upvote, comment & share.